3 Unbelievably Easy Tips to Selling Millions of Copies of Your Movie or Book

​”He that hath an ear..”

Are you an upcoming movie-maker looking to have your movie seen by millions across the world? Or are you an author that wants to write a bestseller? Or maybe you’ve been in the business long enough but haven’t made the big score yet!

If you fall into these categories, then this post is for you because it’s a foolproof way of making millions from your work before even the pirates dig in.

Here are the 3 tips:



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Do yourself a favor and at least try to make a good movie or write a good book. It doesn’t have to be great but good enough. This is for credibility sake. Unless you are content with just one movie or book before you veer off into another career path. With this covered, let’s move to the interesting part.



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Months to the release of that movie or book, you need to start creating a buzz online and this is what you should do: Prepare a Broadcast message on why NO ONE SHOULD TOUCH YOUR MOVIE OR BOOK. I know but hear me out. This is the best way: Mention the fact that the movie or book is heretical (Remember ‘Da Vinci Code’?) or maybe it contains scenes or materials that insults the church and are against wildly held sexual Christian values (‘Beauty and the Beast’ for example). 

N.B.: Your work doesn’t have to be heretical or against the values of the church by the way but just let it be boldly stated (Refer once again to ‘Beauty and the Beast). After all, most broadcast messages have zero credibility. Besides, most aren’t credited to anyone so DON’T PUT YOUR NAME! That would be stupid, wouldn’t it? I think so too.

 Do you have the 2 tips above covered? Great! Now start posting your Broadcast message to every Christian forum you can find. Don’t forget to end it by telling them to post to every Christian forum to ensure the movie or book doesn’t see the light of day. When you’re done, just enjoy the furore and don’t say a word. Don’t even think of coming out to defend or respond to the allegations! Mum’s the word.



photo credit: Dreamstime.com

Now you’re set. The final tip is to book as many cinemas as you can all over the world. Then call your accountant to get ready. When you finally release your work to cinemas and bookstores, just walk to your desk; get seated with your feet crossed on the table; lean back, close your eyes, and with a smirk on your face just start counting your millions. 

If you appreciate these tips then share with others and also let’s hear from you in our comment section. 

Thank you!

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God bless you!


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