I Have This Gist

Yes, I have this gist for you! (Laughs)

Let me start by saying if you think you’re old enough and you’ve seen it all, then you’re wrong. There’s still a lot of unwritten scripts.

It happened on my way back from an appointment I had in Ogun State. I won’t belabour you with when I woke up or how good or otherwise the weather was. I’ll stick to the story.

I got to the garage that would take me home and close to where I was to get on the bus, there was a crowd gathered and at the center of it all was an elderly lady in her sixties and a young lady in her thirties. The elderly lady just locked on to the younger one and refused to let go. My initial thought was that the younger lady was caught stealing; and I was beginning to feel sorry for her, but I was confused because everyone seemed to be angry with the older lady and not the ‘thief.’ Folks tried to extricate the younger lady from the older lady’s grip but the latter held on with all her might and wouldn’t let go. I was already hearing some folks call the older lady a witch – out of her earshot of course – so therein lay my confusion. The ‘thief’ was being shown sympathy but the victim was the one vilified – A typical story of Naija.

Next thing I know, the crowd had somehow released the young lady from the iron grip of the old lady; put  the former on the nearest bike and instructed the bike-man to take the young lady far away from there. The old lady was left throwing tantrums as the vehicle I was in left. The driver told us what happened and this was the gist:

The young lady used to be a tenant of the old lady and she left the house almost a year ago with 8 months rent arrears left unpaid. The landlady has since rented out the lady’s room but I take it she wasn’t home when the young lady moved out or something. So seeing her former tenant at that park, she held on to the young lady insisting she would get her 8 month arrears by fire by force hence the conundrum. (Laughs)

  • Now if you’ve read this, I need you to tell me your thoughts about the drama.

Was the old lady wrong? Is she within her right to demand for the arrears?

Let’s hear your thoughts. Waiting to read your thoughts. I’m still laughing.


Thank you for taking time out to read.

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God bless you


2 thoughts on “I Have This Gist

  1. The old woman should forget about the rent joor. What she did wasn’t right she can never get her money in that manner moreso, its on the road not on her property. What if the young lady slumps n dies in the process of the attack? Let apply wisdom in everything we do. Kudos dude!

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