​I hope this blesses someone.

 The time is 4:26am and I’ve been unable to go back to sleep since the power got restored almost 30mins ago. I knew I couldn’t wait to write what I’m about to. I pray as you read this, it’ll change your life and unlock a secret of the universe to you.

I was on my way to church yesterday when a thought dropped in my mind and it’s been tugging at it ever since. The time was 10:30am and I was running seriously late for a service that should have started 15mins before.

It was a weird thought and somehow, I still feel it’s too small a testimony to share but if history has taught us something, it’s that God uses the base, the foolish and the small things to confound the wise.

Many years ago, before the advent of the smartphones, I bought a Sony Ericsson W800 Walkman phone. 

For those that have been using phones since the advent of the GSM at the beginning of the millennium, you’d understand that it was one phone a lot of people loved then. So I had fantasized about owning this phone for a very long time and I’m talking about a couple of years but I couldn’t afford it then because I had not the money or a job. I so much wanted to have it that once at a cybercafe, I printed out the picture of the phone and it’s specification. I kept that printout under my pillow or something but it was where I would always see it and tell myself I’m getting one. Somehow, some months later, I really can’t remember how I got the money but I bought myself the phone as a birthday present for a bargain price.

The second time I had that craving for a phone was some years later and that was a few years into the BlackBerry craze. Then, the BlackBerry Bold 2 was the craze and I was using a Bold 1 with its trackball. Considering how much I earned then, the Bold 2 was over my pay grade but I coveted that phone walahi! 

So at a cafe again, not content with checking the specs for the umpteenth time, I downloaded the phone page and took it home. I would look at it every day, pray (sometimes) and tell myself that I’d get myself the phone. Months later, I can’t remember how now, but I got the phone and it’s the only phone I used multiple times before I moved on permanently.

I didn’t know or appreciate what I had discovered by chance from these 2 episodes but it got welded in my heart on my way to church yesterday. 

Genesis 13:14-15

So God was trying to show me something, I believe. As long as your eyes can see it and maintains focus, your mind grasps it and you will have it. That is the secret that I locked unto. I’m certain that if I’d trusted God fully with those pictures, somehow I would have gotten a better deal in terms of length of time and quality. (I bought the phones off the users as second hand.

But imagine if I’d placed the pictures before God and made confessions based on his word!!!

So for everything we need from God, let us have an image to lock on to. It could be a mental image (Never forget the specs!!!) but for someone like me with a mind always in complete flux, I’d recommend you have a physical image or picture that you can always see, point to and possess.

The closest illustration of this is from a movie I saw years ago -‘Jumper’. 

A lot of you may have seen the movie. It may not have done very well at the Box Office but the movie had some box office messages. This guy (the jumper) had the power to teleport wherever he wished – as long as he had an image of the place he was vanishing to. So in his room, he had hundreds of pictures of different places he could ‘jump’ to.

Of course, you may not get that thing you want as intantly as that guy  ‘jumped’ but I can assure you that it’ll come.

God was a creator and he has made us so.  Just like him, we have the power to call those things that be not as though they were. Rom 4:17

Every creative process starts with an image so let’s start getting them. Let’s write out what we need (with details) and put it where we can always see them. Just like the jumper, let’s decorate our wall with elements of our goals, dreams, destination, needs etc; make daily confessions about possessing them and you’d be surprised that as soon as your mind locks on, the universe somehow aligns and sooner or later, you would have to get fresh pictures. 

Gen 11:6

Now, ladies and gentlemen, let’s jump!!!


Thank you for taking time out to read. I can’t wait to read your testimony.

It’s still your guy @blog_aces on twitter.

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I respond to every message.

God bless you


15 thoughts on “Jumper

  1. My dear friend , you have spoken directly to me again. I work better with visuals too. It’s helps remind yoyou of exactly what it is you desire and should work toward. Thank you for sharing this. God will continue to oil your brains …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amen! Glad to know the post hit home. And I appreciate you taking time out to read that. You can kindly share with others too. Who knows who really needs this now.

      Meanwhile, Happy Birthday to your brother. May God keep blessing him.


  2. Wow. Thanks for this. Recently, God had been telling me afresh about creating and or recreating my world.
    This is a solid reminder…giving a clearer picture.
    What a blessing you are. Truly a gem and a diamond!
    Keep writing.



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  3. Thank you for this Kay. Recently, one of my aunts in church also said something similar. Yo write whatever u so desire down. I absolutely love what you said about getting pictures we can see. But stuffs like future occupations for ones kids, how do you go about it? (I didn’t choose the occupation got them) e.g my son said he wants to be a pastor amongst other things.
    1 Do you just get a picture of any pastor…
    2. Will the image work for them as kids
    3. Other stuffs that can’t be pictured like a perfect marriage, future success e.t.c how do you picture them

    Liked by 1 person

    1. First of all, I want to appreciate you for taking time to read the post. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Now to answer your questions.
      1. Not necessarily. All it takes is writing the dream down. Continually seeing it will create the mental image needed. And confessions will lock it up.
      2. Of cos it will. They’re creators too.
      3. Write out what you desire. Write them out in words and in details. Put what you write down somewhere you can easily and always see them then lay hold to those things continually thru the power1 of confessions. God will come thru in Jesus name.

      Hope these answered your questions?


  4. This has always worked very well for thou I have only always applied to my finances where when I think about it long and hard a solution always comes off. Would remember to apply to other spheres Dunn about having visuals all over thou ooo. Thanks bro

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    1. Hahaha!!! Thank you very much for reading. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I know it’s awkward having pictures everywhere but so one can keep having focus, one should detail what one needs somewhere it’s always visible. Even if the photo isn’t available. Anything to keep mental image sharp. Cheers bro.


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