Monday Moaning Today…

Monday Moan
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Good morning, Earthlings.

I wish you a Happy New Month!

It’s our month of love, ladies and gentlemen.

But of course, even that doesn’t take the shine off the fact that it’s another Monday. Hehehe…

Or does it?

Are Mondays in February more bearable than Mondays in other Months of the year?

Let’s have fun mocking Mondays and what makes them unbearable because, believe it or not, it makes it more bearable and even fun.

So hit me up now. Let’s hear your own Monday Moan today.

If you had a Monday wish, what would it be?

Your time starts now!


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Let me have your comments, observations, complaints etc. Send them all to and I’ll be happy to receive them all.

God bless you.


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