Seeing ‘The One’


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Good day and welcome to today’s edition of Table-for-Two’s Day, our weekly posts that we publish every Tuesday where we talk about everything “Relationship.”

Today, I want to start by giving you a little background after which I’ll ask for your opinions. Next week Tuesday, I’ll then share the whole story robustly and we can now look at the scenarios then we all air our views. I’m sorry but this issue is too big for just one table.


Now to the main event.

I was discussing with a colleague the other day whose wife just put to bed and who somehow was so keen to share with me, unsolicited I must add, how he met and married the woman. He had this huge grin that he didn’t even bother trying to wipe off his face as he talked about his wife. He must have been so proud to marry her.

He admitted that from the moment ‘God told him that was his wife’ to when he actually married her took a two (2) year period.

Yeah. You read that right.

TWO (2) YEARS!!!

Now when I said ‘two years’ I meant that was the time it took for the young man to ‘fulfil’ all the guidelines laid down by the marriage committee of the church. It’s a very popular church, one of the older and more popular Pentecostal churches.

I wonder if ‘visions’ are subject to renewal or expiry dates sef.

The story itself will have to wait till next week but the point I want to raise as you might have guessed is this:

“How does God show a brother the ‘sister’ he’ll marry these days?”

Is it that God brings the picture or the name will just come?

There was a time I was so close to seeing the lady that was divinely selected for me in a dream. But the problem with that dream was that the lady’s face was blurry. There are times when I dream I’m getting married, but it’s either the face is blurry or the back is turned. The one time a name was mentioned, I somehow forgot the name when I woke up.

Nothing has ever been clear about the brides-to-be I see in my dreams.

My luck, huh?

Should I have focused harder?

So how do others hear God tell them these things? Is it a thunderous voice abi na still, small voice?

Is it that they’ll see the lady in a dream or na vision abi naa trance?

Is it just the passport photo of her face the guy sees or he sees what the lady is wearing?

Is she holding up a card with her name and the name of her church also in that vision?

I really need to understand.

How does one draw the line between ‘the vision from God of one’s wife’ and ‘that lady you’re so crazy about that you see her in your dreams and visions?’

For those that God showed their wives, please how did the revelation come?

Years down the line, are you sure you saw and heard well?

For the ladies, how did God show you that man? Did he keep whispering ‘No’ in your ears till Mr. Right showed up?

I really wanna hear your experiences and testimonies.

Can’t wait to read what you have to say.

Don’t forget, the story continues next week. Share with your family and friends. They’ll be glad you did.


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God bless you.


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