#FreakyFriday – Which Was Better?


Good day, everyone. I hope you had a great week? You know I’m here everyday for you, right?


I just love it when I have the opportunity to throw something I’ve argued about with a couple of people out there for everyone to be the judge and on #FreakyFriday today, I want us to look at two movies with the same theme and tell us which rocked better.



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white house down
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In 2013, ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ and ‘White House Down’ were both released at almost the same time to critical acclaim.

Now let’s assume that’s a coincidence.

But if you have seen both, then tell me this: Which of the two movies would you say was better?

In my opinion, I felt Olympus Has Fallen rocked to the core and White House Down was too comical to be taken serious. ‘O.H.F.’ has a lot of mad-ass action scenes that will tick to your mind permanently and the mood and dialogue was really at par with the gravity of the situation at hand. So I give it to Olympus Has Fallen.

Do you agree with my choice?

Do you have a different opinion?

Would like to hear them.




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God bless you.


3 thoughts on “#FreakyFriday – Which Was Better?

  1. For me olympus has fallen did it for it. It ws more realistic than white house down. White house down ws more like the unserious version and even though I enjoyed the xomicaw angle…jamie fox as a president didnt do it for me. He didnt play the part very well.

    I’ll pick olympus has fallen when I wanna watch a serious action packed invasion movie nt wen I wanna laugh n nt care that d white house is coming down…then I’ll pick white house down


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