#FF – Home Alone vs Problem Child


The late ’80s and the 90’s was of course a period when so many kid-themed comedies were released and thrived. Some of the most popular were Dennis the  Menace, Baby’s day out, Little Rascals, The Parent’s Trap, etc but two of the movies that surely stood out for so many were the “Problem Child” and “Home Alone” franchises.

On #FreakyFriday today, you tell me. Which was your favorite?

Home Alone or Problem Child.

Personally, “Home Alone” would have been my runaway favorite because I felt ‘Problem Child’ was so gross. (Remember that part where they were all throwing up on each other at the park?) But Home Alone had to ruin it with that 2nd Part. The Parent forgot Kevin… Again!

I refuse to have that.

As for Problem Child 2, it was so forgettable that I’ve practically forgotten what happened in the movie.

So which was your favorite, ladies and gentlemen? Which kid was meaner? Let’s discuss these movies on today’s #FreakyFriday!



home alone
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problem child
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Waiting to read from you.




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4 thoughts on “#FF – Home Alone vs Problem Child

  1. Problem child ws obviously meaner..he ws jst deliberately cruel while kevin in his home alone played smart. Did wat he tot he had to do to stay safe while his family jst gt forgetting him

    For me home alone stood out better as sth really good for kids and adults alike. Im already mean I dnt plan to mk my kids any meaner by hvin thm see problem child.


  2. I haven’t forgotten problem child 2… I so remember junior tormenting Luwanda and every other woman who came near his dad. Awesome movie. One of my favs growing up… with that sound track… “Mr. Peabody, I hate that man”! “I won’t do that if I were u”…


    1. Wow!!! See memory, abeg. I’m impressed. So should I take it you prefer Problem Child to Home Alone? Cos I’d have to admit you’d be the 1st so far. Thank you for the comment. I appreciate it.


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