Monday Moaning Today

Monday Moan
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Good morning, Earthlings.

It’s another Monday Morning according to our blogosphere and that means another day to just moan and actually enjoy it.
Of course, there are those that wished midnight will stay still for three hours so they can get enough sleep but wishes aint horses anymore these days. Neither are there anymore magic lamps. Doesn’t mean we can’t imagine, right?

One of our readers, @0lukayode on twitter, just put up his own Monday Moan and it goes:

“Can’t this kind of American snow coman fall here and block the Lagos-Ibadan express road?”

Now I wonder what would bring about this wish but if I were to hazard a guess, I’d say that he has an appointment in Lagos today (he’s based in Akure, Ondo State) and he doesn’t want to leave the gorgeous wifey.


So hit me up now. Let’s hear your own Monday Moan.

If you had a Monday wish, what would it be?

Your time starts now!


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Let me have your comments, observations, complaints etc. Send them all to and I’ll be happy to receive them all.

God bless you.


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