Blogace’s Posts Repackaged




To all fans of Blogace’s Posts, I’d like to once again appreciate you all for being there in 2015 and I hope we’ll all do this again as we cross over to a wonderful 2016.

Just like I promised, the coming year will be packed and by God’s grace, there wont be a dull moment or day. In view of this, I’ve decided to highlight what each day of the coming year will be all about so you can easily and quickly get into the groove.

Ladies and Gentleman, permit me to present the following packages to spice up each day of 2016…


MONDAY MOANING: What makes Mondays what they are that we always moan about them? Why are Mondays the days we love to hate? Let’s talk about the things we didn’t get to finish over the weekend and all that happens each Monday. Let’s discuss the good, the bad and the ugly and see if we can let off some much needed steam and draw out a silver lining.
You’d be surprised how much fun Monday can be hereon? *smiles*

TABLE FOR TUE-SDAY: Our Tuesdays will be couple-centered. Whether married, about to marry, just started dating or even just planning to ask that lady out or say ‘yes’ to that guy. We’ll be looking at what makes relationships fun and challenging as well as tackling issues that surround the concept… Relationships.

WISHLIST WEDNESDAY: Ever dreamed of writing something? A poem? A story? An article? Anything? Each Wednesday, one of my esteemed readers will send me a post and I’ll publish on my blog with full credits. So you can send that post with whatever picture you want attached and consider it done. I’d like you to proudly show that hidden talent  to your loved ones!

TURN-UP THURSDAY: A post gets dropped by me whether something new or a #ThrowbackThursday special.
This is to ensure you don’t miss where we’re coming from and where we’re going. *winks*

FREAKY FRIDAY: Where we discuss what we love about some of our favourite music.  On this day, we also pick a couple of movies and discuss what we love about our favorite movies and our favorite parts, scariest parts (if any) and favorite quotes. If there’s a game, we bring it up. Basically a day for Nostalgia. To help set the tone for the weekend.

SUPER WEEKEND:  We all relax as I serve you the recap of some of the juiciest news of the week as reported the “Blogace’s way.”  And we all discuss our takes on them. We discuss. Fashion, Entertainment, Shopping etc… We miss nothing out and there’s of course freedom of expression.

PLACE YOUR BETS: For our football betters, The betting crew also gets a chance to discuss on their chances for the weekend games on the betting link to better enhance their chances.

It will be AWESOME!!!

So don’t enjoy this alone. Drag everyone you can and let’s enjoy these packages by Blogace’s Post together. Like I promised, there’ll never be a dull moment. We can all do this. Let’s tell somebody today.

Have a Blessed 2016! And don’t forget the journey starts NOW!


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