A Happy New Year to you all! It’s going to be a very beautiful year and I can feel it in my bones.

Just like I promised, this is a brand new era for Blogace’s Post and as a Friday, this is our 1st Freaky Friday of 2016!!!

And today, in line with what FREAKY FRIDAYS are all about, today let’s all discuss about two movies which though are old are actually timeless and this is to spark of a little nostalgia. Let’s discuss your most memorable part, your most memorable quotes and any other major talking point of the movies.

Today, our two movies are ageless classics.



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One of my favorite quotes of ‘The Godfather’ was; “…look how they massacred my son.”
And my most memorable part (funny enough) of ‘Sound of Music’ was when the nun taught the kids the do-re-mi song. Always loved that song.

So get your loved ones in on the fun!

What parts of these two movies stand out for you?

I await your comments.



Don’t forget that all things being equal, there SHOULD be something new on this blogsite EVERYDAY.

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God bless you.


6 thoughts on “FREAKY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

  1. Funny enough I havent watched the godfather. Yeah..odd right.
    Sound of music on the other hand I have watched a couple of times. I have several favourite parts…after the eldest girl had a rendezvous with the yeye boy who later blew the whistle on them, she snuck into Maria’s room and they went on to sing my favourite things. I also loved the dinner party where the children sang goodnight..

    Please do coming to America next. I have lots of favourite quotes. I can re-act the movie sef


    1. Thank you, Made. This is what this is for. Suggest movies you want us to talk about and we’ll do it next #FreakyFriday. As you’ve honored us, we’ll honor you by discussing your movie choice the next #FreakyFriday! God bless you and I appreciate you. Happy New Year!


  2. Godfather Part 3, Michael Corleone “Just when I think I am out, they pull me right back in!”

    And his inaudible cry after his daughter was killed on the steps outside the church/court, not sure which.


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