What’s your dream partner like?

Okay. Do you remember those days (I’m sure it still happens to some of you reading this blog) when someone asks; “what’s your idea of what your perfect mate should look like?” and you’re like… (Let’s assume you’re the lady) “Oh! *with a dreamy stare* He must be tall,handsome,broad-shouldered,rich,wealthy,sexy,must have pink lips,six-packs…” And of course,I must not forget to add the one attribute dat is common no matter whether the lady is from the east or west,artist or atheist,blonde or brunette,deaconess or devil worshipper, etc. And that is; “He must be God-fearing!” No matter what lady you ask,that’s a constant factor that comes into play. I’ve always believed most ladies are not true to themselves when they draw up these dreams and that’s because at the end of the day,they only get with ‘rich,wealthy’ and that’s if they get so lucky. But with my fellow menfolk,it’s a whole new ball game (sorry but the pun was unintended).I’m not saying they don’t come up short too but most times,their picture of a perfect mate is not only within reach but pragmatic so they can grab easily. Now for the interesting part: Depending on the kinda guy you come across but for the more gentlemanly kinda guy, you’ll get to hear stuffs like: “Well, (shrugs) she must be pretty,sexy,intelligent,homely… (And all other boring stuffs dat gentlemen tend to roll out their silky tongues) but for the rest of the menfolk,you hear things really masculine like: “She has to be fine of course,she has to have curves and I’m talking eight not zero,erm…(Rolling up their eyes to take a peek into their skull) erm… Dis part,words fail them so they have to gesticulate and if that doesn’t pass the message they want to pass like they want it to,they can just blurt out stuffs like: what’s my own with cup size sef? Abeg give me Bowl joor!

Damn! I’m outta here. See y’all in my next Blog. Here’s me signing off!


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