I’m sure a number of you reading this blog are probably wondering where on God’s earth and man’s dictionary I got the word ‘Releventia’ from. And I’m sure a number of u have it figured out already. In truth,I don’t know if such a word exists but if it does,well… *putting on my Police Sunglasses and popping my collar* what can I say? Anyway,I just came up with the word cos I looked around and I’m really impressed with how far some folks will go to gain any amount of relevance (there u have it! And for those that still haven’t caught on,pls,feel free to keep sniffing). The point is,some folks will do just about anything to get noticed. Don’t get me wrong,’Notice me’ is not a bad thing and the gospel truth is that we’re all guilty of it and I mean; ALL OF US (slams Gavel) and if you’ve ever read the Bestseller by Robert Greene and Joost Elffers,the classic; ’48 Laws of Power’ (please forgive me but I just love this book and I’ll be referring to it from time to time in subsequent blogs), the 6th Law clearly states that you should “Court Attention at all Cost” because its one of the major tools to attain power. But before all ye attention mongers start a party over this declaration,the latter part of the same chapter also makes it clear that this Law has its own downsides so you should be very careful. Before you turn yourself into a Goldfish,better realise that cats (not just Sylvester by the way) lurk everywhere. One of the group of people guilty of these are some folks that call themselves ‘Men of God’, they come up in our faces,on Radios,TVs etc with all kinds of Prophesies (though I prefer to call it predictions) and at the end of the day,out of 10 predictions,dey get just 2 or 3 right. Its really embarrassing. They now make it look like God is a liar. They shout at the top of their voices so folks can be impressed and then rush to their churches. That is what I mean by Relevantia. What about the Politicians wit their heavy bags of light promises. They just show up from nowhere,shouting on the top of their voices,castigating those that are in power so that they’ll win the admiration of the masses that they need their votes so that they can get into Power and do worse. That is Relevantia. Even the critics,whether social or moral are not spared. They can’t do better and in their own little way,they are not influencing their own neighbourhood but when it comes to casting aspersions at other people’s character,they hug the limelight like it’s a long lost son. That is Relevantia. Same goes for movie stars and musicians;they will do anything apart from showcase their talents (even though a lot of those I see around in Nigeria these days lack it). They will dye themselves,marry their siblings,start a riot and I’m talkin every conceivable thing they can do to so that their smiling faces will show up in the papers. That is Relevantia. And to round it all off,I’ll just mention a group that seem to piss me off these days and I’m like,why can’t these douches simply mind their business. They are the Scientists. Have you heard these before; “Drink a cup of your urine daily to help wash your system”; “Walk 10km a day to improve your sex drive”; “Always take a spoon of honey for a better marriage”; “Drink a glass of water 1st thing in the morning cos it cleans your system!”. Funny thing is,for the last one,if I should try it,I’ll be sick throughout that day. I’m not making that up,its been proved to be a fact. You’ll hear all manner of scientific tips and some will come up with other tips to contradict the ones you got from other scientists. That is Relevantia. Need I mention Herbal Doctors? U got my point. Relevantia! Relevantia! We have it all around us. Come to think of it,getting you all to read this blog,what do you think it all boils down to sef? #JustSaying.
I’m out for now,folks. Cheers!


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