With (nee Houston) Brown- A thought

This is unscheduled but I had to put this down. I was thinking of writing this piece when I heard of the demise of Whitney Houston but I became sure I was going to write this when a very close pal called me this morning and requested that I write a piece on the extremely talented lady that stole our hearts and souls when she was in her prime. And trust me,she was a pristinely gifted one.

Truth be told,I wanted to go do a proper research on her life before writing this piece but I thought hard about and decided you guys should go do the research yourself. I’m going to write about her based on my own personal knowledge of her. Having said that,what I’ll be writing here is my own sole opinion and I’m,of course,subject to your correction and constructive criticisms if need be.

The gospel truth is that I loved Whitney. She was a very beautiful singer that I’m so certain would have had an arresting personality. Asides from her music career, I must state here that I saw 2 of her movies; “The Bodyguard” and “The Preacher’s Wife” and I must say I was really impressed. But then,beautiful singers-cum-actresses are a dime a dozen but Whitney Houston’s voice,(sighs) I’ll probably never hear again in this lifetime. And I’ll chose to focus on her singing now not her acting. Without mincing words,and I’ll proudly beat my chest to declare it, I believe she had the most powerful voice I EVER heard. She was phenominal! Classics like “Waiting to Exhale” “I’ll always Love you” “My Love is your Love” “Run to you” are a few out of the many that comes to mind. But her rendition of “Greatest love of all” blew my heart away. She held sway during the era of Mariah Carey and Celine Dion but they both had nothing on her. A real lovely soul singer,she was out of this world. She had numerous awards to show for it and I stand to be corrected on this but I’m sure she’s undoubtedly one of the greatest singers ever.

But then,while she was in her prime,however it happened,I can never say,she just capitulated. She got into an affair with Bad boy,Bobby Brown. I remember back then that a lot of folks including my humble self were sceptical about the union because Bobby was younger than she was and of course,wilder (She struck me as the good,homely girl type). Well,looks like we were right about our concerns. She has never been the same again.
First came the reports of the physical abuse she suffered from Bobby,then came the drug abuse… It was a torrid time but within a very short time,it looked like a dream just evaporated before our very eyes. I’m not here to castigate Bobby or chastise Whitney,it’s her life and she could live it however she wanted and its purely her business but we can be forgiven for feeling aggrieved with the situation because she gave so much and we loved her so much. Why she stuck with Bobby,we’ll never know but maybe I have a clue. I posted a blog a few months ago (please check my previous blogposts for ‘A Complication called Women parts 1 and 2’) where I stated that ladies tend to stick through abusive relationships because of the excitement and I remember I had so many comments for and against my opinion back then but I still stand by the conclusion I drew up because it’s the only thing that makes sense. Give me a better argument and I’ll stick with it. Why should a lady stick to an abusive man when there’s a man out there ready to show her love and tenderness? If you’re getting abused as a lady,I want you to know that you don’t have to suffer it all in the name of excitement. The life of Whitney Houston is a lesson to many ladies and I hope they read this post and read up on the life of Whitney Houston and learn from her. Its recommended for celebrities too.

When I heard about the death of Whitney,I was really saddened by it but I didn’t shed a tear. I know a lot of you probably think at this point that I’m mean but I’m not. Truth be told,I shed my own share of tears for Whitney a few years ago when she was called on to perform at Michael Jackson’s tribute or so,she looked so emanciated I felt sorry for her. But when she opened her mouth to sing,I was in tears when the song she rendered dribbled coarsely out of her mouth. The most powerful singing voice I knew had suddenly become the most pathetic. It was a heartbreaking eyesore of a performance. I cried as I thought to myself that is this what drugs had reduced her to? But then,we all choose our life and live by the choices we make.
I’d gotten used to the fact that we had seen the best of Whitney and she’ll never attain the level she once did. So I shed no tear because as a singer (I don’t knw her personally but I can only speak from her professionally) it was over a few years ago. But it’s still sad to have someone we all loved suddenly die. And died she did.

Truly,death is a necessary evil that will come when it will come but Whitney Houston died but when she was alive,in the short time she may have spent on earth,she made a global impact and achieved in less than her 48 years what many can’t achieve in 3 lifetimes.
To all those that she left behind,my heart is with them and I pray God grants them the fortitude to bear the loss.

You were indeed one of the greatest. Goodnight Whitney Houston Brown.


One thought on “With (nee Houston) Brown- A thought

  1. She was my favourite, still is! The elder sister I never had, was there while I grew up, through the good nd bad times my tears nd laughter…now she’s gone nd I miss her! I will indeed always love you whitney!


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