Whose Life?

I’ve been enjoying listening to you talk; making your point, defending all your decisions… your actions.

“It’s my life!” you screamed out in, sometimes, understandable frustration when you get called out in some questionable choices.
I truly understand that it’s your choice to make and you have to live with it but is it really your life?
You walk the walk, talk the talk, breathe the breath and live the life but
Let me help you find the answer to this question with some choice questions.

Photo Credit: tur-www1.massey.ac.nz

As a baby, did you form yourself? Did you bring yourself into being? Those months you came out scared and hungry; did you get your own food, clothes, shelter and safety? It’s your life, so did you crawl into your pram to rock yourself to sleep? Did you change your diapers? Have you ever stayed up at night watching over yourself to make sure you were asleep and quiet before sleeping? Did you deny yourself rest and holidays to take care of you?
As a little kid, did you work hard to give yourself an education, good clothes and a good life? Did you solely protect yourself from every harm or treat yourself when you got injured or sick?
Were you the sole go-to person for guidance and sound counsel as you started making serious life’s decisions? I suppose you taught yourself all through school, didn’t you?
Have you been your own neighbors and friends all through your life who have given your life some measure of reason and shape? Do you look up to only yourself? Have you ever sought out a shoulder to cry on or a kind and encouraging word?
Do you go to church every Sunday to fellowship and to pray and seek the face of… yourself?

Has anyone apart from you ever invested their time or services or money or love or support or trust or encouraging words or prayers or responsibilities, etc in your life at points in your life?

If the answer to all these questions is a resounding ‘YES,’ then Congratulations! I’m proud to announce to you that It’s your life!

If your answer is a timid ‘no’ then what exactly made you think in the first place that it’s your life and you could do what you wanted with it? A lot of people have invested their lives in yours and are rooting for your success. You have that life to ultimately be used to make positive impacts in the lives of others and to bring glory to God.

Remember God? That supreme being that created you and who you’re going to give account to of what you did with this life… Remember now?

Your family have invested in you. Your friends have invested in you. Your neighbors to an extent have invested in you. Your religious heads have invested in you. Your school-teachers have invested in you. Even as inconsequential as the little kids around you who have this look of admiration in their eyes at your presence have vested interest in you.

So think about all these factors before you decide to do something silly because you claim it’s your life.
My point: It’s your life… but you really have to be careful how you live it because a lot of lives that are not yours are intertwined with yours.

Live wisely… Live well.


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6 thoughts on “Whose Life?

  1. Hmmm….. words of wisdom. This is just me in this blog post. So many people have invested in me and I pray to God to grant me all it takes to be to affect people’s lives positively. Nice one Blog Aces.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As long as we can’t create anything like God did, we have no right to say ‘it’s my life’. it was given to us and can be taken back as well without permission sef. Nice one Kay

    Liked by 1 person

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