A Touching Event

A lady came to check me at home this morning… 
Now before I continue my story, I must state it here that I would want to keep the identity of the huge entity I might be mentioning in this post under wraps. But the more perceptive of you may already know who I’m talking about and I can’t help it. This post wasn’t written out of malice but to press a point. I’m not infallible and I stand to be corrected so I encourage you to always use the comment section or mail me if you feel so inclined.

A lady came to check me at home this morning and she spoke on and on.
Let me give you a little background: I’ve known this lady since we were kids. I was in my pre-teen and we just moved into this neighborhood so I quickly immersed myself into the business of making new friends. Now this lady had an elder brother and two younger sisters. It was an established fact that she was older than I was and I even heard she was older than she looked. Her family shared a ‘room and parlour’ in one of those buildings that were built to have ‘face-me-I-face-you’ rooms.
Now this lady’s family were strong members of one of the biggest churches in Nigeria (pardon me but won’t say the name) and they were deeply religious. There was no TV to be found in the house, their hair was always tightly covered, jewelries was a sin as was make up and you could add in every other doctrine expected of a true Christian then. When she was still a girl, she was already familiar with the subject of restitution.

Let’s just say she was no ‘crush’ material.

Fast-forward many years later and she’s already on the merciful side of Forty. Unmarried and more unkempt than I’d ever seen her, she came to tell me about her plight and the fact she’s looking for a job to survive on. This is a lady that at first sight, you’d question her sanity. Her hair, visible beneath the veil tied around her head, looked like a bad marriage between loose braids and dirty dreadlocks. Even her words were not coherent; they seemed to run into each other as she spoke.

She insisted she wanted to teach in the nursery section of a school and she had been to many schools to offer her service but had been told they weren’t hiring (God bless their hearts). 

I promised her I’ll help her be on the lookout but I don’t know if what I did was wrong because there’s no way I can allow that lady within a mile-radius of any child.

I mean, if she could step out of her house looking that way to go look for ANY kind of job then it’s safe to say she needs help fast.

After some more minutes of complaining about the situation of things and also clamping down heavily on a church she’d served and given the better part (if not all) her life to. I managed to extricate myself from her and vamoosed.

Now for my point: It’s best to work on your relationship with God and let that serve as your spring-board in your service in his house or vineyard. Don’t just go giving your life in service in the house of a God you don’t know.

The man of God has gotten his revelation, let us strive to get ours too.Let the revelation be the basis of our strong Convictions because Doctrines can and do fail.

Religion has blinded many and Doctrines have led a lot to the abyss.

Let’s avoid the pit-falls of many. It is well with us all.


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2 thoughts on “A Touching Event

  1. Very good write up again, the issue is you can’t offer medicine to a man that doesn’t think he’s unwell, he will find the offer insulting. May the eyes of our understanding be enlightened in the knowledge of God.

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