Good day, ladies and gentlemen. I’m greeting with a guilty expression on my face.

You know why.

I’m sure the first thought that crossed your mind when you saw the title to this my latest blog is that I have a Nollywood gist for you.

What I have for you though can be termed an awareness. I want to shed some light into some rubbish that I think needs to be addressed with the urgent attention it needs.

Do you have a child, nephew, niece, ward or any kind of relation either in the Junior Secondary Schools or about getting in?

I’m sure we all do.

To say that I’m so disappointed in our educational sector is putting it mildly and if our leaders continue playing games with the future of these young ones, then we might as well stop praying for this ‘great’ country because the foundation is being ripped to shreds by people that have no honest cell in them.

I was reading one of the recommended texts on Literature for JSS 2 today and I was shocked to my bone-marrow!


For Pete’s sake, how did that book  get past those that were supposed to screen the books that schools would have to use?

I learnt that some authors bribe with huge amounts to get their books recommended for schools and just recently, I got the full dose of the kind of wickedness that has permeated the hearts of men.

There is a book titled ‘Dangerous Reward’ that is being used as the literary text for Drama for JSS2, third term. If you like, you can get the book and read yourself.
You need to witness first hand the kind of garbage that the Lagos State Ministry of Education have recommended for our young ones to read and study with. There is almost no line of that book that is blunder-free. (Got to give them kudos for at least spelling the title right)

This is no exaggeration.

The first literary material I know that gets revised with new characters! hahahahaha…!!!


It is obvious the book has never been introduced to an editor. At the back of the book, you’ll see the picture of the author (And a pictures of his ‘bros’) Assuming he ever saw a JAMB form before, I’m sure he would have been proud to flaunt his degrees and certificate. (But I wonder if he has any to show)


The author’s biography is vague which is quite understandable considering the circumstances.

The funny thing is that the author stated the book was edited by a professor of English in one University in Abia. A Professor fa!


If it’s true that a graduate of English, much less a Professor, edited this book, then the person must have forged his or her certificate or the school needs to be shut down.

The story is rubbish, the plot is crap, the setting is ambiguous, the characters are not consistent, the punctuations are more or less non-existent…

The synopsis would have been so in tune with Nollywood if it wasn’t so pathetic and silly.

One highlight for me was when one ‘Alabi’ dude went to visit an ‘Ayo’ guy and Ayo offers to bring out kolanut to entertain Alabi.
The kind of Igbo proverbs coming from the Yoruba guys were quite impressive.

Little wonder some students come back from school with a headache.

And somehow, the Lagos State Ministry of Education elected to squeeze this crap of a book into the list of recommended literature texts for JSS2?!

Funny thing but this joke of a book gets some regular reprinting. Don’t forget you get new characters per reprint.

Imagine ‘Things fall Apart’ getting a new character every reprint. Or ‘The Trials of Brother Jero’ getting a new character called Isaiah. Hahahaha…!!!


I once heard that some authors actually bribe these authorities to the tune of millions to get their books listed but I couldn’t believe these people would be callous enough to tamper with the children’s future this way. The authorities should have tried to at least open the book. The red flag went off for me from the first page.

Corruption is truly an evil cancer.

So what’s the way forward? I really don’t know but something really needs to be done. Our children’s education can’t be sabotaged this way because of some greedy gremlins in positions of authority. Drastic steps have to be taken.

As for you, Victor Ugo Bright (and your team): it’s stated at the back of the book that you write for Nigerian Movies. (Nollywood if you please)


I strongly recommend you stick with them. You’re doing something creative and I salute that but kindly stay away from producing students’ learning materials until you at least learn to do things the right way.
You should have used a few thousand Naira to pay some editors to properly proof-read and totally overhaul this book. Because as far as schools are concerned, your book is 100% crap. An epic fail.

As the dettol advert goes: “If we don’t care for these kids, who will?”

I stand to be corrected though.

No! I seriously doubt that.

Maybe I’m just being over-dramatic but what do you guys think? Should we just look past the errors at the ‘message’ the book is trying to pass? Let’s see your comments, please.



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I respond to every message.

God bless you.


4 thoughts on “DANGEROUS REWARD

  1. the way we attach sentiments to cogent issues in this part of the world ehnnn!!!! God help us….if we condemn this crap now, some people will come out and say that it’s cos of where the authors are from…the people in the ministry who even approved this book should be fired immediately, but then, some people will ask, what do we want their families to feed on?..the level of mediocrity in our society stems from these issues..we cannot allow this to continue!!!!! things have to change for the better…thank you for this Ace..i will be sure to burn this crap if i see it with anyone


    1. My own is that the books should be recalled, the authors should totally work on it with professional help before it is re-introduced back. So no one needs to lose a meal. But heads should roll for this. The book is terrible and kids have to buy the crap. Thanx for your comment, bro.


  2. I think it’s really sad. We keep talking about a better Education sector, but we are not working towards it. Parents and other stakeholders need to place demamds on the government. Things have to get better o


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