WIZ -what a silly…silly…- KID

“Quote of the Day: Some people are so used to losing that they never know when they’ve won.”

Good day everyone and welcome to today’s #MondayMoaning.
I trust you all had a wonderful weekend.

I did.

Today’s moaning of mine would be taking a strange shape.
This Monday, I’d like to moan about this Wizkid-Linda Ikeji brouhaha.




To be honest, this Wizkid-Linda Ikeji beef is just unbelievable. For a beef that has gotten so overdrawn and boring, the twist to the tale has now gotten borderline crazy.

If you are still in the dark as to what started the whole fiasco then you might have to google it because the whole case is just stupid if you ask me. If it’s for the sake of ‘clicks’, then it’s been achieved and endless clicks have been made online on the matter.

So imagine my shock when news filtered in that Wizkid made the silly blunder of threatening Linda with bodily harm. I mean, how could he be so silly has to threaten Linda on social media or anywhere at all?!
Sometimes, the height of stupidity of the actions of many of these celebrities baffles me.

If this somehow gets to your table, Wizzy, then I want you to know that this latest act won’t be chalked down to childishness.
You can’t get away easily with this and that’s you getting your just desert. Linda was right, what you did is a criminal offense and in saner climes, you’d end up in jail.
This is a lesson to all you guys out there that have bought into all these American gangsterism nonsense and believe it’s okay to just threaten a woman or anyone for that matter. You had better learn from this.

Ladies, just like Linda, always report every threat to the police. Don’t wait for violence to manifest before you take actions. Don’t let this kind of people get away with it anymore.

Hey St. Linda!  I shouldn’t leave without saying a few words to you here and now. You’re turning out to be a self-styled role model to the ladies and it’s admirable (Those your column have dragged would be disinclined to agree though). I also fully support your making this complaint to the police about that silly guy because ladies should know to report to the authorities whenever they receive these types of threat.
You get brownie points for that.

But please, while we’re at it, you made a needless point that I might call your attention to. You reported Wizkid for threatening you… Please stick to that! There’s no need to use the opportunity to shine your diamond-encrusted halo. That was very petty and sanctimonious of you and for someone with a solid reputation for Pettiness (as well as prettiness), this takes the cake.
I mean, trying to prove that you are not a hoe as alleged by Wizkid by publicly beating your own chest about giving one Blessing Nicholas N500,000 for not acting like a slut is akin to the Nigerian Government proving they are not corrupt just because they rewarded someone handsomely for Honesty.
That was low but you you get the drift, don’t you?

The ways you tried TOO HARD to advertise your piety and perfection there just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.
I’m not saying you’re a hoe. I’m just saying they are times one should just keep quiet and not seek to defend every aspersions thrown one’s way. You’re in the gossip business so come on, your skin should be thicker than this naa!
I know you’re petty but just try, okay? Now that’s a good girl.

You both should just settle this matter abeg! There are more important and interesting things that we need to keep up with online. Una don try.

And for you Wizkid… How could you?

*shaking my head*


So that’s my Monday moan. What’s your?

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I respond to every message.

God bless you.


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