The Blind Mice

Welcome to another Table-for-Two’s Day and after all these Tuesdays of being AWOL, all I can say is “Sorry” and “there’s almost a hard lesson to be learnt daily.”


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It amazes me to see people so quick to give advice on other people’s relationships:

“When he shouts on you, shout on him back!”

“Don’t take such crap from your woman! Show her who’s wearing the trousers! Use the belt on her!”

“He did what?! Said what?! See ehn, if he touches you, make sure you don’t shut your mouth. Make sure you continue shouting sense into his head…!”

“How dare she says such to you?! I’m sure she’s getting it elsewhere. You better throw her out!”

It baffles me sometimes. The funny aspect most times is that you’ll see ladies / guys with challenges in their marriages going to guys / ladies who are no longer in their matrimonial homes to seek for advice. (Laughing out loud)

What do you expect from such people? Reminds me so much of the three blind mice.

Every marriage just like any problem has its own peculiarity and uniqueness and that’s why it’s always counter-productive to give tips to someone having marriage issues based on someone else’s seemingly successful marriage acts.

For instance, because one lady keep her hubby in check by denying him food or sex, you now think that’s a working formula to straighten your hubby, right? Or you think your friend’s shouting at her timid husband also means you’ll get same result when you nag your ebullient man?
It takes the wisdom of God to keep a relationship for life especially in this present day and age so that’s why we should always run to him.

Just recently, I sat shaking my head as I listened to the tale of a lady having serious issues with her marriage.

Now I’m sure a lot of folks are rolling their eyes in boredom because this is no longer news and if I were in their shoes, I’d do the same but this woman is close to my heart so it was too close to home.

When a pastor’s wife cum marriage counselor admits that she’s having issues with her marriage of over twenty years and that she’s having problems following some of the advice that she had once given other women in similar situations actually says a lot, doesn’t it?

Forget the Social Media Facade (SMF), people really have relationship issues.

For Pete’s sake, this is a lady that should know, right? But her marriage is cracking up right before her very eyes and she’s more or less helpless to save it with all her knowledge and know-how then this teaches me one major lesson.

Na only God fit do am.

While others were counseling on how she should deal with her husband, I simply told her to go watch the christian movie, ‘War Room’ as it contains some great nuggets for every married woman to learn from (That’s the one drug I prescribe for every marriage so maybe I’m guilty of my own accusations but that’s beside the point ), but learning is one thing, implementing is another although that’s another matter for another day.

This kinda issues scare the hell out of me as a single guy, I got to admit. This is a marriage that I thought was just fine and now this…

Two major lessons:

1. There are many ways to keep a lasting relationship but the core is and is in God.

2. Be careful whose counsel you seek. And never forget; there’s no talk cheaper than a counselor’s talk.

Is there any experience you’d wanna talk about. Or is there something you w add?

Let’s hear you…




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4 thoughts on “The Blind Mice

  1. Its always easy to give advice pertaining to relationships until you are faced with the same situation yourself. I remember telling a friend “its all about forgiveness”. Its a pretty solid advice but I said it then feeling like a sage. Faced with the same situation later, i probably would have slapped myself.
    I think when a friend comes to you for relationship advice, the best you can do is be there and pray with the person. (and I’m saying this to myself as well ‘cos its sweet to give advice).


    1. Lmao!!! You’re very correct o! Advice is so sweet to give! The sweetest thing to give sef. But we neva know exactly where the shoe pinches. For chrissakes, we most of the time don’t know where exactly the shoe was gotten from sef. Thanx for the contribution.


  2. Very well said. Every relationship has its own peculiarity but what iv learnt from personal experience is “don’t give advices when you aren’t asked” Because half the time, people aint looking for someone to tell them what to do. Deep down in their subconscious, they already know what to do, they are just looking for someone to agree with them….other times, simply to hear them out..

    So until, you are asked..biko Guno o! before that is how someone would come and say monkey died and forgot to wear slippers.


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