#MondayMoaning Post-Valentine…

Monday Moan
photo by: stewwradio.wordpress.com

Good morning, Earthling.

How was the weekend?

Happy Post-Valentine day to you!

Yeah I know you had a wonderful day yesterday. A day of magic and love!


If I were to bet now, I’d say half of this week would be majorly dominated by what you and others did and didn’t do this Valentine. If you ask me, my Valentine left a great smile on my face and with any luck, it should stay permanent.

I know that Monday creeping in is a bit of a party-pooper and Valentines should be a strictly Friday or Saturday thingy. Friday because you can go hang out with the person after work so you get to both unwind after a hard week’s work and at the same time show your love and romantic dexterity and creativity.

So on Monday Moaning today, I’d like us to talk about some of the sights and sounds of yesterday as well as the special things we did or was done to us and if possibly how yesterday promises to shape this week.

Let’s discuss…


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God bless you.


2 thoughts on “#MondayMoaning Post-Valentine…

  1. #ROLLINGMYEYES nothing was done to me and I didnt do anything valentine-ish…I only cooked for my hungry stomach, cleaned my house and slept…lolx…
    booless people like moi…can’t to be valentined jawe


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