Thank God it’s #FreakyFriday

Good day, everyone. How’s the week been?

Thank God it’s Freaky Friday!

I always seek to not only start the week on a high but also to end it on a high so in view of this, I’ve brought #FreakyFriday yet again to your mobiles and computers.

In today’s edition, I’d like to point out a couple of movies that I’ve seen so much that I can actually quote the words in the movie from start to finish.

For some of us, this was the first and only movie we had for a while when we were kids…


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This was the action movies’ action movie back then. I watched this thing tire men… I’m talking about twice a day every day for over one year. I could recite every word that was said. Even the sounds of the gunshots, the sound of the amphibian plane and even the sound of car doors being shut.

It was that bad.

The next film that so many of us loved so much and we would gladly watch it again and again is a movie we’ve already talked about but I can’t just help but bring it up again. I saw ‘Commando’ that much because there was nothing else to see as my dad would have barbecued me and my siblings had we gone to borrow movies outside and that was the only movie the man bought for us but for this next one, it was fully by choice.


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I’m sure I don’t have to say more about this because everyone must have seen the movie at least twice. It’s a movie, just like Tom and Jerry, that still remains relevant from generation to generation. The dialogue is so easy that we can all actually do a talk-along with the characters when the movie is being played.

Now that I’ve mentioned two of my most seen movies, I’d be thrilled to know yours. Kindly drop your comments in the comment box and I’ll not only appreciate but also reply as soon as possible.

Thank you.


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God bless you.


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