#WishlistWednesday – WADES

On #WishlistWednesday today, I’d like to present to you Mr. Wale Adesina popularly known as ‘WADES.’ Now if that name sounds familiar then you surely have heard of it before.

He’s a popular clothier based in Lagos and he’s known for quality fabrics and delivery. Started his clothing journey humbly many years ago in Ile-Ife as a student of Obafemi Awolowo University making customised tees and polo-shirts but now has taken the game cross-country to now boast ‘The real style for the real man.’

So let’s all suit up as we enjoy what he sent in on #WishlistWednesday:

“Looking to change your wardrobe? Wades Bespoke Wardrobe packages are designed to provide you with a mix of essential wardrobe pieces at various prices.”


For Bespoke suits, contact WADES via Whatsapp first, on 08086144558 to discuss your preference.



These are our Wardrobe packages.



Contact us today…




It’s still your guy @blog_aces on twitter. You can start sending your poems, jokes, stories, articles, posts and whatever you want to aceaishida@gmail.com and I’ll publish them every Wednesdays on my blog on “WISHLIST WEDNESDAY.”

Send me emails on aceaishida@gmail.com if you have any comment or contributions on my blog or if you think you’ll need me for any services. (Social Media Content Management and Blogging related, please. :D)

God bless you.



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