Fabi Agbaje - Annavor's Touch(4)


On Table-for-Two’s Day today, there this question that has been tugging at me ever since I was wise enough to understand what the issue of relationship means. At least, I was wise enough to understand the concept of being in a relationship.

Between you and I, what is that power a lady holds over a man?

You see a man who is the conqueror of nations but becomes pure jelly who yelps just at the mere thought of eating from the hand of a lady?

Let me give you a few examples and I won’t even mention Samson and Delilah.

Here goes;

1) You seen ‘Troy?’ Yeah, that movie. Where two grown men caused nations to go to war just because of one woman while she stood idly by and allowed it. What was even special about that Helen that would make Paris steal the wife of such a ruthless king? That film makes me sick.

2) Heard of Lancelot? Yeah, that dude that had the temerity to screw King Arthur’s queen? At least, he wasn’t a weakling like Paris.

3) King Ahab and Jezebel. Yes!

4) And introducing my personal favorite; Cleopatra and every Emperor that laid eyes on her. How did she do it? History recalls she wasn’t even all that physically yet Mark Anthony didn’t even learn from Julius Caesar’s laision with her. He fell flat and fell worse.

Happens till this very day. You see that boss of yours who every staff is scared of but the moment he gets home, he’s as meek as a cat fed with a bowl of milk. Or that guy who seems to be made of steel but yet, in the presence of his young ‘babe’ he’s as gentle as a dove. Will take ten times what he wont take from his wife from that side-chic. So how do women seduce men so much so to make them lose their sense of reasoning sometimes?

Is it the sex or threat of none of it?
Is it the fact that no man wants to be woken up in the middle of the night to discuss issues? (I don’t know why women do that thing because it’s evil)
Is it the fact that every man wants peace in their life so they’re willing to be subservient to their women just for a little peace?
Is it that the ladies know parts of men’s anatomy to touch to get the response they need and men can’t do without those magic moments?

What is the secret of the power that women have over men?

If you’re a guy reading this and you’ve figured it out, kindly let me know.

If you’re a lady, oya naa…

Thank you




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9 thoughts on “woManpower

  1. Hmmmmm ace…..i tot i was the only one thinking in that line fa….u forgot to mention adam and eve sef…..that has got to be the most classic of them all….i really dunno wat it is (and in all honesty, i dont think i like it much)..one would just be on his own and 1 fine chic would just come and be doing you like….like….#sighs…infact i just taya

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fret not, bro. It happens to the best of us. Lmao!!! I think the only ones that are immune are the men that prefer men. But I know that one day, the answer will sha come. Thank you for the comment.


  3. Hmmm @blog_aces this matter just taya me oo. Really looking forward to ladies that comment. Maybe I can even get a little clue of how they do it. There is this way my girlfriend looks at me and I won’t be able to think straight for the next 30mins.(The look will be like ‘I trust your carpenter, he dare not use his teeth to remove nail’) lool…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lmao!!!! Lmaooooo!!!!!!! Kai Peppie. A whole you. Wey be say man no fit mess wit you. Naim one woman come do you like this?! Lmao!!! I don faint today!!! Lmao!!!!! Say you no go fit send yahoo messenger go market. Lmao!!! Thank you for the comment. I’m waiting for the women.


      1. When u sat on the fence on my latest vlog….nah aint saying shit and I knw there is no woman that’ll spill d beans becos if we do then its over for us becos u see that power u re nagging about…its all we’ve got. Kisses!


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