Good day, everyone. I was hoping this would catch you on your way back from work so I hope my timing was spot on.

On TABLE-FOR-TWO’S DAY today, I want you all to take a good look at the picture below.


photo credit: Q (hehehe)


I know a lot of you on my Instant messengers a-la-BBM-and-whatsapp have probably seen this and maybe others have seen it elsewhere and I’ve got to admit, there has been some exciting responses coming in but I want us all to take a look at it again on BlogAce’s Post today maybe there’ll be different angles to see it from and tell me:



Are you not sure of your response? Then check with others and let’s have your comments on today’s table.

Waiting to read your responses….




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God bless you.






12 thoughts on “TABLE-FOR-TWO’S DAY

  1. Hi,

    I’d ask her if she was in anyway related to the lady who wanted to be divorced from her husband because he was too good to be true -with respect to treating her with all the love and respect he knew to.

    If yes, I’d tell her to call off the wedding. It’s probably a family thing

    if no, I’d in my best way possible help her see that her man doing right by her is the best she can hope for, especially in a world where good values have been lost.


  2. It is wrong to pre-empt any human being. ..from this story, this man has done nothing wrong….she simply doesn’t trust him cos he has been good to her and that shows clearly she myt hv had a terrible mindset or upbringing ..did she even bother to find out why he took the action he took.?…sorry to say but d lady in question is simply small minded and the understanding of the concept of marriage is completely beyond the scope of her mercury and pluto….especially when she is still taking orders from her friend…i mean what is she…..9? Dude shd be the one to call off the wedding


    1. Lmao!!! Na wa o! All these insults for the poor lady kwa. So that’s the advice you’ll give her? Anyway, peradventure there’s any lady out there who reasons like this, I’m sure they’re reading your reaction. Thank you for the comment.


  3. Baba…if she still reasons this way then she really has no biz being married…if she wants to call off a ‘wedding’ not relationship ooo, simply cos (from my understanding) he wanted to respect her, then i would advise the dude….yes!!!! The dude to call off the wedding….no need to advise the lady….#notimeforchildishthings


    1. Hmmm… I can’t dispute your point. Really makes sense, I tell you. It’s really disturbing when you really come to think about it. Wow!!! I really feel sorry for the lad. What makes it more interesting is that even the friend agrees with her. Now that’s some cracked up ish.


  4. i think the whole ish was about trust…Aunty did not trust Bobo(whether her friend had a part to play in the drama or not) and the unfortunate things is, where there is no trust, there is no love…

    however, i am not in support of anyone getting out of a relationship if it is amenable so I’ll advise the couple to have a very indepth and honest conversation to either fix the trust issue(because something must have happened to bruise the trust in the first place) and go ahead with the marriage or part ways amicably.


    1. Well, we no kuku see premise for the matter. Na that singular issue we dey see. But even the way the lady narrated the story, it was that singular issue and there was no talk of antecedents. Thank you for the comment, babe.


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