#FreakyFriday – THE WAR ROOM

Happy Freaky Friday, everyone!!!

Yeah, Happy Freaky Friday indeed. Today, I’d have to apologize because I’ll be skipping the trend a little by not bringing you some of the old movies we were crazy about back then.

Today, I bring you one of the current most talked about movies today.



war room

First time I heard the title of the movie, I thought it was going to be a movie on how army generals prepare for battle in a room akin to Situation Rooms where military strategies are discussed then somewhere along the line, a group of terrorists break in and hold the generals hostage.

How off track I was.

It is a Christian movie but there is something about this movie that makes it stand out for me. I’ve seen a lot of Christian movies but this one has a way it touches the inner core.

It’s about a young lady who has struggles in her marital life and it was all falling apart until she found God. Or maybe I should say God found her.

Another thing that struck me about this movie is the dialogue which was top notch for me. Even the humor was fresh and it has this way of driving a solid point home without even trying.

It’s a movie that teaches us about prayer in a way we’ve probably never known before and if you pay attention, it teaches you the key to handling key situations in life.

The movie is also one of the best gifts you can present to anyone now if you’re spoilt for choice. There’ll always appreciate you for it. a must-have for every home.

I suggest everyone who hasn’t seen the movie to see it and if you have, kindly share some of your favorite and most defining part of the movie.

SPOILER ALERT!  “Look out for the part where the young lady and her older friend were about to get mugged and everything that happens after.”

Waiting to read from you. So share with others and let the comments come in.




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God bless you.


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