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Today we have a post from Mrs. Aishat Raheem, a Life Coach who knows her onions, that I believe you’d want to read.

You will get educated and enlightened as you get to understand the true meaning of the expression, “HEALTH IS WEALTH”

If you’re a Doctor, you might wanna look away now…


This is the post she sent:

“Hello Everyone on this blog,

How are you today? Compliments of the season to you and your family. It is with great excitement that I introduce a working formula to my readers with a view to discovering opportunities that one could explore in this new year 2016. Happy reading… 

Trevo (which means the POWER of THREE: the power to RENEW, to RESTORE and to REVIVE) is a revolutionary complete food supplement that contains 174 of nature’s finest vegetarian ingredients from around the globe! It is an ICON in nutrition and it is dare to compare! It is all that everyone needs for optimally natural health and it is really delicious with no over dose or side effects. It is taken by everyone from age 2 and above and by anyone, sick or well. The causes of sicknesses /ailments /diseases are that we have no balance diet anymore and toxins are everywhere. Trevo comes in as a wholistic dietary supplement to fill the gaps and detoxify our cells of toxins and we have wellness. Pregnant women can take it and even breastfeeding mothers. Trevo is not a drug and as such, it is a liquid power in a bottle. Daily dose of Trevo sends the doctors away from you and your family.


download trevo


The era of combining different supplements in capsules or tablets has gone and sourcing for balance diet which is not obtainable has gone due to poor agricultural practices, destructive cooking methods and eating of junks! Trevo has it all in just a bottle and in liquid formulation, very delicious. The micronisation of the liquid state of trevo gives it about 98% absorption by our body cells! The highest of any liquid formula.  You won’t want to miss using it daily because of its numerous health benefits

It is certified by HALAL, KOSHER, CAP-e, FDA and ORAC. You can make your research on the following certifications and that speaks volume on the power of TREVO!

download trevo2

Trevo is taking over the market and it is the NEW FACE of WELLNESS! We urge passionate and energetic people who really want to help people get good health and come out of ailments they feel they will live all through the rest of their lives with Trevo and this makes so much financial abundance for us. We are a company empowering dreams and at the moment, stories are changing and we are just two months old inTanzania, 3 years in Nigeria and testimonies are really coming. How would u feel if by using this product with your family and u recommend to people around you and u make money in 8 powerful ways in USD? All because u are using the product and u are recommending to people!!!It is very amazing!!!


The 8 Ways

1. Over 45% Retail Profit

2. 40% Fast Start Commission(you earn at least $60 on everyone you introduce personally to sign up as a member.There is no limit to number of people you can enroll.)

3. 20% Matching Bonuses (You also earn extra $12 on everyone the person u personally enroll brings in too.You earn as more as more people are introduced by the persons you personally enrolled.This is to appreciate your duplication)

4. 8 Levels Group Volume Commissions (This is the oceanic wealth u make in Trevo!You earn from every single product purchased after enrollment and you ear at least $3 per bottle.If you organization or team or network has grown to say 2000 people, what you will be paid is $6,000 and you have not sold a single bottle but you earn on what people buy and enjoy for amazing health and they buy at Compnay price cos they are already registered as members.)Is this quite amazing?!There is not built around buying and selling, but use the product for your health and family’s health and share the information/benefits to as many people as u can far and near and u are paid on every purchase they make from anywhere in d world!

5. Bulk Pack Commissions(You also earn cool dollars for every bulk order placed on your team)

6. 15% of the Total company sales volume on monthly basis(this is the magic earning in Trevo! Your team efforts will take you to another platform,the director category. Every order placed in your team adds some points and when they add up and u become director, you begin to share from the company’s 15% share of global sales revenue NOT profit and this is monthly.The team building, not selling is the key to actual using this) There is no limit to what you can earn in Trevo.The higher the global sales, the higher u share. amazing!!!!

7. Leadership Bonuses (Vacation and two Dream Brand New Cars: Elegant and Exotic)

8. Charity Bonuses (Your choice charity project worth $250,000)

All you NEED to Do to make unlimited income in Trevo is not selling but USE the PRODUCT and SHARE the OPPORTUNITY and you are made! Buy the quantity u need and use with your family and while others buy via your referral, you make ocean wealth!

Our head office is In Lagos and we have offices in 21 states across Nigeria. If you would work very hard, u can begin to build a TEAM of passionate people who truly want success and together, it is going to be a great one for u.

Whatever is what doing, is worth doing well.

TREVO is – A Company Empowering Dreams

 For further reading on website, u can fill a form to take action immediately and it is free

visit    http://www.trevo.life/olabimpe

U can call me or whatsapp me on +2348082118274
Or inbox me.

Let me show you how NOW!!

Wishing you a very prosperous 2016″


There you go! Our post for the week. looking forward to seeing yours same time, same station, same blog next Wednesday.




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God bless you.



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