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On “TABLE-FOR-TWO’S DAY” today, I’d like to talk about a discussion I had with a friend today where he shared a story about someone he knew who used to date a babe for a while and then broke up with the babe to start dating another babe who he eventually married.

Before you start yawning, let me chip in a few more details. The babe he used to date, she’s aborted for him serially. Now I got your attention, right?

To be honest, it’s not exactly a breaking news because these things happen everytime and everywhere.
So after the nigger was done messing up the life of that babe, with her humble permission of course, he dumped her ass like guys like him usually do and went for the next sweet, innocent-looking damsel and ended up marrying her.

Well, it would have been all smooth-sailing from here if the guy didn’t have to find out later that his new wife too wasn’t as ‘untampered with’ as he thought. She too had gone through the procedure a couple of times and I guess her womb was worn from the strain. (Laughing inspite of myself)

So the guy thinks he’s played a fast one but his troubles came full circle as he collides headlong into it.

So this is my point once again;

Guys, don’t let abortion be an option. It’s evil and frankly it can come full circle. Don’t be caught at the center of it. Shine your eyes while you’re at it, abeg. Don’t forget, Karma rules!

Ladies, you get pregnant for him outside wedlock and then you listened to him and aborted. Okay, it was a dumbass mistake. But is there a lady who can explain the rationale for aborting THE SAME GUY’s pregnancy more than once? Is it jazz or what is at play here? What are you addicted to?

I need an exclusive comment for this.

I’m certain that over 70% of guys WILL NOT marry a lady that has aborted for them once. Over 90% will not marry a lady that aborts more than once.

You can bank with this figure.

But as you read this, a lady somewhere is making another attempt at aborting for a guy somewhere.

This is where I need the comments.

Why would a lady get pregnant again for a guy that she’s aborted for?

Ladies… Help me out here.

Guys… You’re not left out, please.

Why would a guy impregnate a lady who has aborted for him at least once for him?

Waiting to hear from you.





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5 thoughts on “THE CIRCLE

  1. hmmm… first I need to point out something… We women have been doomed right from the very beginning to always want to please the men before ourselves..We were engineered unfortunately for that purpose. So when it comes to the live of a child, our wishes are usually crowded more about what the man wants…we ask questions: “Would he still want me if i keep this child against his will? “Would he still find me attractive if i give birth to this child and nurse it?” “how can I nurse the child without his support? “what about me, wouldn’t such a circumstance change me?” then there is the stigma of having a child outside wedlock which is more likely to fall on the woman than the more.

    doubts, uncertainity, fear…begin to come in.and being more emotional than every other species on earth…we tend to lean to such emotions, thus impairing our judgement

    I’ve never had an abortion and I can not say for sure why certain women would let their judgement get crowded by such situations but i want to believe it has a lot to do with person’s comprehension of life, morals, upbringing…circumstance… so many factors.


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