Monday Moan
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I’m pretty sure I am not the only one feeling this frustrated that the weekend has come to an abrupt end and the fact I have to face Lagos traffic again but hey… The money aint gonna make itself.

As it stands, a lot of people are already awake preparing for work and it’s not even 4am yet by my watch.

Lagosians, I’m talking to you.

It would seem that Lagos is the only state in Nigeria where you see workers leaving home three (3) hours before their ‘8am’ resumption. And of course getting back home at least four (4) hours after.

It’s not because of the distance from work but that’s Lagos traffic for you.

Many times I wonder if Lagos traffic can be resolved so that most workers can leave home forty-five (45) minutes before resumption (probably after a goodnight rest and some healthy breakfast) and still hit the clock on or before 8 o’clock.

So tell me, what do you think can be done to remedy this traffic problem in Lagos so good people can leave home at a good time and get back early enough.

Is this phenomenon strictly a Lagos thing or there are other states in Nigeria experiencing this problem too.

For my readers outside the country, what say ye to this particular issue?

Will be waiting to read your comments no matter how long or short.


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2 thoughts on “MONDAY MOANING II

  1. Well in my place(Abj) becos of the 50days fast orchestrated by the RCCG…where service has to hold 5:45am-7:00am, men haff to be up by 4:00am every morning now(although its my regular wakeup time-have to read d bible n pray and do all d relevance before I am out by 7am) traffic may not be a factor for we we…we still have to be up bright and early for the next two mths. šŸ™‚




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