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Hey everyone! It’s Turn-up Thursday and to celebrate this day, I’ve decided to do a #ThrowBackThursday post. For those who weren’t there at the beginning, this is one of the things you missed when I was trying to find my blogging feet.

This post was published sometime in November, 2011 to positive and hilarious reception so let me put it up to lighten and brighten up your day.



“(Sighs)… So, this is the much awaited and anticipated moment and it doesn’t come soon enough. I’m about strolling into some murky waters right now but let’s not get excited yet. There’s a lot in store for everyone.

For as long as mankind existed,one of the most asked question has been; “What exactly do Women Want?” I’ve often thought that if truly Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, I strongly suggest that scientists should leave that golf course of a land called Mars,get their rockets and dogs and take a trip to Venus to get us some answers as therein may lie our best and indeed,only chance to know how the minds of women work.

Men have come to the conclusion that Women love Money and women will argue that they simply need ‘Security.’ The funny thing is that there are lots of grey areas. There are so many cases of ladies leaving their poor guys for richer men and that makes a lot of sense and it’s actually ‘normal,’ but they’re also so many cases of ladies cheating on their rich guys with much poorer guys and then you wonder why because it doesn’t make sense. Why would u leave the money and the security to shmooze around with a poor dude? Is it really worth the risk? You wonder why a lady with so much drive would run after a guy who also has a drive only to end up with a bum. And then we ask,”how did this happen?” “How did she end up wit such a no-gooder?” Then we all arrive at that conclusion that “The Sex must have been good” and so I enter the area that you all hoped I would, didn’t you? Every guy believes that very good SEX will always bring the girl back and that is the case most of the time. I mean,you wonder why a lady would go back to a guy that beats the shit out of her… The make up Sex would be great, right? Wow!!! What’s with all these ladies? Here’s this gentleman treating her like a queen, sending her flowers and perfume but she blows him off to run back to her drunken man who would make her go blue black with beatings. And the same question pops up; “What is it that these ladies want sef?”

Well,wonder no more guys! I have your answer gift wrapped in this blogpost. After countless gists, numerous personal experiences, 4 heartbreaks, 2 breakups and a partridge in a pear tree; I’ve been able to sit down to ruminate over the issue and after having pondered long enough, I’ve come to that irrefutable conclusion… What women want is EXCITEMENT! You can call it Adventure, Fun, Trips, Climax… Whatever you choose to call it, that’s it. They just don’t want money or security or sex, they want Excitement! Think about it, money gets you a lot of excitement so it’s okay if they want so much of it. EXCITEMENT is the word,’bro.’ It’s in the good sex, it’s in the partying, it’s in the clubbing,it’s in the shopping,it’s in the drive around,… Hell! It’s in the beatings and the make up sex too. Ladies run after guys that other girls want because of the EXCITEMENT of snatching them from their claws! They don’t want gentlemen because they KNOW those ones will send them flowers and open the door for them. Predictability is Boring and they won’t have that. They want a guy that will slap them on the bum and order them to get them a beer. They like the ones that they don’t know if it’s a slap that’s coming next or sex and Yes! I said it. They want Unpredictable. You know why? Unpredictability is Exciting! Keep them guessing because they find it Exciting! Almost Magical even. For those of you guys that have a problem holding on to your ladies, guys? This is a free tip worth millions. Doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, give them EXCITEMENT! Don’t slack it up, always be on your toes. Do it how ever it suits you even if you have to subscribe to Playboy Magazine. Don’t choke her, that’s boring. EXCITE HER! It’s as simple as that. Do away with the Routines! You know why? Because they’re boring and she’s gonna cheat on you! Break Rules… Even yours! Do the outrageous and the crazy things! Make wild and unheard of suggestions! And don’t just feel cool after scoring a major point,learn to evolve! Come up with new stuffs. You don’t have to be a billionaire to sweep her off her feet and keep her off it, you need to be an Excitelonaire! Don’t be scared, just do it!

What I’ve written above is subject to your comments so you can hook up with me on Facebook, Twitter or BBM. Stay Excited!”



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  1. I agree….TOTALLY….No matter how rich, religious , tongue speaking or gentlemanly a man is, if he can not bring something new and exciting to the table…it does get boring and the sad fact is, most dudes dnt know how to hold their cards…some don’t even have cards at all…while some misplace their cards along the way. Either way…’some’ women are all for the excitement but the most interesting irony however is, it is those who haven’t had the excitement that end up not knowing what they really want…the ones that have seen it all…know precisely what they want.

    Thanks for re-sharing sweet. Lovely throwback


  2. Now I found that part about folks with missing cards and those never even the cards very hilarious. Hehehe… Thanks for the contribution, babe. I’m happy you enjoyed such an old post from me. 😀


  3. well, as humans, we’re insatiable, we just want more, in other words, even excitement doesn’t wrap it up, cos no matter how perfect a man is, when a lady ‘wants ‘ to see d fault, she sees it. no matter how exciting or adventurous a man is.


    1. Well, it cld be that seeing fault is one thing that keeps the juice flowing for the woman which is anoda excitement on it’s own. Never ceasing to put the guy on his feet. Thanx for the contribution, babe.


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