Our second Wishlist for the first edition of WISHLIST WEDNESDAY is from this energetic dude I think I’ll consider amiable and his name is IFE FATOKUN. I’m sure he’ll call the police if I spelt his name wrong. (Smiles)

So this is what the gentleman sent in;


“IF YOU HAVE BEEN PRAYING TO GOD LIKE ‘Oh ROD(Lord) I want to TLAVEL(travel) out.Father take ┬áme ABLOOD(Abroad) oh ROD(Lord)’ and you are always being denied VISA, don’t blame it on any “winsh” in your village;all you need do is to check your PRONUNCIATIONS”

Am MC Meshai.I don’t go CRAZY…I am CRAZY; I just go normal from time to time. Holla me on 08126277555 or 2BA8C513 if u need a capable hand to anchor your wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, get-togethers, dinner parties, etc.

You’ll RAUGH(laugh) and CLACK(crack) your LIBS(ribs)




It’s still your guy @blog_aces on twitter. You can start sending your poems, jokes, stories and whatever you want to aceaishida@gmail.com. Don’t forget to add your details including your pictures if you so desire.

Don’t forget to enjoy more of my posts on http://www.blogaces.wordpress.com

God bless you.


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