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It’s our first Tuesday so I’m glad to welcome you all to the first “Table-for-Two’s Day” of the year and by God’s grace, it’ll be the first of many.
Do not forget that I stated that every Tuesday has been set aside to discuss relationship issues as they affect us directly or indirectly and it matters not if you’re married or still waiting for a ‘Yes’ from that pretty dame (or guy as it were) *winks*

And to start off this “Table-for-Two’s Day” series, I’d like us to discuss a rather uncomfortable topic that I think a lot of people usually either shy away from or don’t know how salient an issue it can be.

I won’t beat about the bush today so let me hit it;


Now there’s something about entering into an intimate relationship of any kind that changes the dynamics of things.

Usually, you leave your phone for just about anyone to go through the pictures, videos, games or any other app that might suit the fancy (that is assuming that phone doesn’t contain some blinding contents if you know what I mean). But the moment it’s with someone who you’re scared to hurt or give the wrong notions or impressions, some things stop being ‘normal’ and ‘harmless.’

The problems with pictures most times is that they seldom paint the true picture of things just the same way text messages seldom reveal the true states. These phenomena (pictures and messages) tend to be misleading most times but they’ve played their part in putting asunder a lot of unions.

I believe that everyone, married or not, deserve their ‘Personal Space’ and phones for all intents and purposes fall under that category. Do not pick someone’s call unless you both share a relationship with that caller and the owner of the phone is not available. Do not go through the person’s messages, pictures and videos without the person’s permission. That, I believe, is one major key to keeping your relationship healthy as well as saving yourself from some unnecessary heart attack and stress.

But then, I’m not married. Neither am i engaged.

What do I know?

So what do you think ladies and gentlemen? Do you think it’s right to go through your partner’s phones? When is it right to?

Let’s lend our voices as we put this issue on the “Table-for-Two’s Day.”

I await your reactions and comments. Don’t forget to share this post with everyone you can.


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Thanks for reading.

God bless you


5 thoughts on “TABLE-FOR-TWO’S DAY

  1. Thanks Kay. I truly concor snooping through your partner’s phone can soar d relationship. I used to do that before n I started getting angry unnecessarily n asking questions. I read meaning to his messages n pixs. I stopped snooping n I realised I don’t pick on my partner again. Keep it coming dude!


  2. There’s just too many worries in the world. From people killing each other everyday to Dollar being sold at #270/£1. Bad roads in 9ja, no light to run your establishment/firm/business for person to now add other people’s text msg content to it. Keep busy, only idle minds snoop around un-profiting information.


  3. People usually like to check to make sure they’re still the only cockroach in their partner’s wardrobe or the only sugar in their tea. It’s like a game naa. Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it.


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