Monday Moan


Let me start by asking you a couple of questions:

How did you feel around 6pm yesterday evening? 7pm? 8pm? 10pm?

How did you feel when you opened your eyes and saw 4.30am on your clock / watch this morning?


Did I strike a nervy-nerve?

I know that of all ‘Mondays’ that hell spewed forth, the first Mondays of every year has to be the absolutest worst and most hated. There’s this magical feeling created by weekends that Mondays kill and when you’re talking of the Monday that kills the magical feeling created by the yuletide and the New Year?


So as we all grudgingly start the year, which is going to be very beautiful by the way, let’s try to take our minds off the fact that this first Monday is ruining our holiday magic and let’s all share some of the best moments of our holiday and also reveal some of the things we’re not looking forward to returning to at work or the office.

Is it that uncompleted brief? That belligerent boss? The colleague that stinks? The first Monday traffic of the year?

So what say ye?

Let’s moan about this Monday!

You go first.





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And I’ll be publishing a post by one of you on Wednesday which would be our Wishlist Wednesday so if you have anything you want to publish on my blog, send it to my email, before 6pm on Tuesday with your pictures.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “MONDAY MOANING

  1. Monday!!!
    I dont want to moan ‘cos this morning I counted my job as one of God’s gracious blessings and moaning about the same job sounds ungrateful. However I was not looking forward to seeing the team lead that has been on my case throughout the holiday (which wasnt much of a holiday for me). Plus the traffic was not something I was looking forward to, especially when going back home in the evening.


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