Mothers… Hmmm…

Let us gist about them small and I’m talking about one area that makes them real special.

The issue that comes to mind is something I saw on someone’s DP (display pix):

Omolara Erioluwa(1)

I laughed real hard when I saw this because it’s so… so true with our mothers. Our mothers will make sure everyone comes to witness their day of joy to the shame of those devils that say they won’t make it.

Now I’m not sure how it works with mothers in other continents or even other African countries but an average Nigerian mother (especially the yoruba ones) are more often than not wired this way.

My mum is no exception.

Except I put my foot down strongly and I resort to threats, blackmails, begging and prayers; this is roughly how my wedding planning discussion and execution is going to go with my mum:

Me: Mum, I and ______ have decided that we just want a quiet wedding with less than 100 (one hundred) people in attendance. We don’t want a crowd, please.

My mum: What about all the weddings and events I’ve attended? Is it not so that you will have people that will also come and rejoice with you too?

Me: It does not matter, mum. The fewer the people, the better. Please, just invite a few people from the family and a couple of friends and that will be that. Thank you.

My mum: If that’s how you want it. I will sha invite some of my friends to come help me with the things I need. I can’t do them myself.

Me: Suit yourself, ma. Thanks for understanding.

My mum: No problem, son. I’ve heard you and will act accordingly.

My understanding mum’sĀ  “some of my friend” list:

Mrs A to supply pepper, Mrs B to supply tomato, Mrs C to supply onion, Mrs D to supply Maggi, Deaconess E to supply salt, … Alhaji Y to supply thyme and Mrs Z to supply palm-oil.
Mrs ZA, ZB, ZC and ZD are to secure the cows, Mr ZE to kill it, Mrs ZF to buy firewood, Mrs ZG to supply kerosene, Mrs ZH to call Mrs ZI to come along with Mrs ZJ to come and help with the cooking. Mrs ZK to supply pots and pans, Mrs ZL to supply tent, they’ll use Mrs ZM’s house to cook, of course… Mrs ZZ supplies the matches.
Mrs ZZA’s daughter will help with errands, somehow Mrs ZZB and ZZC hears about what’s going on and they contact my mum and she tells them to report instantly…

Let me stop there for now. If you look carefully, she has not invited her family or her close friends yet. Mrs ZZZA will be in charge of buying the aso-ebi that they’ll wear and the list goes on and on.

But hey, the lady can’t do it all or can she?

Don’t even bother running to your father to help you out by reining her in because he’s also as helpless as you are if not more so.

So tell me what you think. How can you deal with this issue of controlling the crowd at your wedding? If you’re based outside the country, kindly share with us if this is an issue there the way it is here. And if you’re married, how did you do it? Did the mother win or did you.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

I remain loyally yours.



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God bless you.


13 thoughts on “RSVP: MOTHERS

  1. Hmmmm……mothers. If u tell them u dnt want to do more than parlour ceremony, d next tin u’ll hear is God forbid. Moti ba awon eyan mu aso, won a ba emi na mu aso. At that point you dnt have any option than to nod like a programmed robot. Even if u say u dnt have money for all the big party tinz, u’ll be surprise that d cooperative money that wasn’t available when u wanted to pay school fees will be available from three different sources sef. Our Mothers we hail thee.


  2. Hello there,

    On the contrary, it’s my Father.
    I heard he literally mailed an IV to a church he stopped pastoring December of ’92 to invite them for my brother’s upcoming weddingl. The church replied to say they were delighted and would be there by God’s grace.

    As if that isn’t enough, J and I also started out that way. Very few friends and family. Till his step-father said he was thinking of a group booking for friends not just family coming with the from the US of A.

    We have both decided to chill and just enjoy the show. Lol.
    The motto is “if you invite ’em, you gotta feed’ em”

    “We cannot come and be broke “

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  3. Mehn, just take your wedding to the north. Since every state there is a ‘boko haram’ prone area and no bodi wan die, only few peeps(especially the long throat one) will show up. *wideGrin* #NowThisIsASomethingIShouldThinkBout


  4. Dude, but u sef like ayeye. 100 people isn’t crowd?! Lol. Still thinking of how to manipulate my mum when its time. Maybe I’ll just give her one fake prophecy. So epp me God


  5. My mom seemed to be on my side and my in-laws to be told us straight up that 100ppl wasnt good enough that a wedding is a celebration. Fast forward, cards are printed and my mom remembers that her ‘friends’ from way back 2005 that she hasn’t seen since must come celebrate with her. We decided to let them have their way cos our opinion now is ‘Wedding is for the families, marriage is for us’. sorry for my long epistle.


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