A Birthday Message

So uncharacteristically of me (or maybe not), I want to share something about someone whose life, even from a distance, and in a way has touched me.

I met Yewande so many years back when I was still much younger and was more prone to stupid things than sound judgment. It was one of those chatting groups that existed long before phones started getting smart and the in-thing was trying to hoodwink network operators in order to be able to browse free.

So I joined ‘mygamma.com’ (I’m sure a lot of you reading this probably know this site) with some user-names I’d rather just forget hoping to score some naïve babes.

Somehow, I got chatting with this lovely lady called Yewande and back then, it didn’t look like it would be much and I don’t even remember having any serious ‘paroles’ of note with her but we just chatted.

Over time, we grew older and life moved on as we grew out of some silly and childish indulgences and the world of ‘Mygamma’ was a distant past. Even though a couple of friends from the site managed to stick with me then, I never thought much for them because I knew it was a matter of time.

Wendy Allen was just different.

Of the few friends that survived my ‘Mygamma’ past, she’s the only one that I’ve never met face to face but somehow, she has managed to remain relevant.

She’s special like that.

Early last year or there-about, I saw some disturbing pictures on her BBM display picture and when I asked why she was in castes, she informed me she was in a very serious accident.

I was shocked and actually felt bad that I got to know many weeks after the accident. (She was in coma and I’d not communicated with her in months)

For someone like her, it’ll be hard not to believe in miracles and when you survive a collision between a car and a trailer, you tend to believe more in divine hands.

I saw the pictures of a babe I’ve always known to be lively looking in bad shape and bedridden because of her broken legs. I’ve prayed that she’ll walk again and I’ve silently tried to follow the progress as she made her way steadily and surely to a normal life.

Everyone has that big test that puts their belief to a major test. Wendy, with the help of God, has been able to surmount the worst and the best will surely come.

This is a beautiful lady who from my interactions with her is full of life so no death is permitted to take her now.

Yewande, you will fulfil your years. You will declare the goodness of the lord in the land of the living. You are blessed beyond a curse and the enemy will not triumph over you. No longer will you know sorrow or pain in the mighty name of Jesus.

You have been tested and you have stood strong. I’m really proud of you and I feel honoured to have met you.

As you celebrate this new year, may you continue to grow in wisdom and stature and may the lord continually be your defence. In Jesus Name.

I wish you a Happy Birthday, Yewande (Wendy Allen)! I also wish you a long and prosperous life.

Hip-hip-hip Hurrah!!!


NB: You still owe me that dance and I intend very much to collect.


Thank you for reading.

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God bless you.


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