As a blogger, people expect me to have an opinion on just about everything so it was that I was asked about my thoughts on the gay bill passed in the United States and the idea of Obama trying to sell the idea to African leaders and all that.

I promised I was going to blog about this but if anyone is waiting on a comprehensive post on what I think about it then I’m sorry that person will be sorely disappointed.

My problem with all these issues of ‘Human Right’ is that in most cases, we can’t even define it perfectly much less defend it.

I saw a movie some years ago; ‘I,Robot,’ featuring Will Smith. If you have not seen that movie, please do because you may just not get my point till you do.

The Artificial Intelligence computer mainframe called V.I.K.I. made a statement that didn’t make sense to me back then but I’ll take the pains to write that quote now verbatim et literatim:

“No, please understand. The Three Laws are all that guide me. To protect humanity, some humans must be sacrificed. To insure your future, some freedoms must be surrendered. We robots will insure mankind’s continued existence. You are so like children. We must save you from yourselves. Don’t you understand?”

Well, I didn’t understand back then but I really do understand a lot more now.

VIKI was the antagonist in that movie and so it ended the way antagonists tend to end in movies.

But then I’m thinking; could it be that mere computer programme was actually correct?

Should some of man’s freedoms (rights) be surrendered to ensure the existence of man?

The man who decides to have sex with his pet goat would also hide under human right, right?

So does it matter if our so called ‘rights’ runs parallel to the way God has designed things and humans to be?

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sorry if this post goes this way but I have more questions than answers.

So what’s my overall opinion on that gay bill? Truth be told, I’m not in support of it because I believe it’s wrong.

Not more of a sin than stealing, killing and fornication but let’s tell ourselves the truth… What would be everyone’s reaction if Stealing or Murdering was passed into law?

Maybe I’m looking at it from morals and a religious stand point. Let me look at it from a more human point of view.

Would you like to see raised kids (adopted most likely) live in a world where their daddy is seen kissing their…daddy?

I’m sure God created Man and Woman so that there will be a certain balance as generations move along. Why do we humans have to now seek to upset this balance?

As for the part that Obama has to play in all these…

Every man with his conviction, abeg.

I’m still seriously seeking that very special WOMAN that will be my bride so I’m least concerned.

Or what do you think of all these events. Hit me up and let’s have your comments.

Welcome to the best Month on the Calendar! The Month of August!



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