The Dubai Affair

imagesMy attention just called to the story of a guy who left a babe stranded in Dubai because she denied him sex. (

Apparently, he took the babe on the trip and probably got her a lot of expensive things as it’s stated that he spent over half a million on her and when it was time to get ‘appreciated for his efforts’ the babe blatantly refused. So in an act of pure malice, dude picks up his bags and leaves her there in Dubai, stranded, and travels back home alone.

I’m sure there would have been a lot of curses sent the guy’s way especially from the ladies but for me…


I need to get something straight.

The babe thought this guy was being a good friend, right?

So out of the many beautiful lady-friends he has, he decided to choose you as his ‘Friend of the Month’ because you were such a great friend and you were always there for him during the month of June and for that devotion, your prize would be an all-expense paid trip to Dubai.

Is that what the lady thought actually happened?

I’ve had arguments with ladies where they state that a guy (who isn’t their father, brother, uncle, cousin or any relative tied in any way by blood) can be consistently generous to them without having any hidden agenda. In all candour, I find such assertions ludicrous. What do you think makes you so special from his other ‘platonic female friends’ that the guy would constantly move heavens for you?

Let me be factual here; ladies should start asking themselves some serious questions and then reply those questions with the home and bitter truths. I like to believe that some of the ladies that say guys do outrageously expensive things for them with no strings attached are just saying that from their mouths while their minds know that what they’re spewing is absolute hogwash.

Quote me on this anywhere: NO GUY WILL SPEND OUTRAGEOUSLY OR CONSISTENTLY GO OVER THE TOP FOR YOU WITHOUT SOME ATTACHED STRINGs! (Unless he’s an Angel of course. But even Angels dropped out of heaven to marry the daughters of men so that argument is shot in the foot)

What am I saying in essence?

When he keeps on getting you the expensive stuffs, you need to ask him pointedly what he really is after. Don’t let him bullshit you with that ‘Nothing. I’m just being nice’ crappy line. He should let you know straight up what’s going on in that ‘nice’ mind of his. If his proposition is something you can handle then fine. If not then walk away. If he insists he’s just being nice then go and enjoy the ride with him. He might just be one of those needle-in-a-haystack Angels that don’t like sex.

One final note of warning though:


Abi I lie?


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8 thoughts on “The Dubai Affair

  1. lolx…in my opinion i believe that a man should always learn to mk his intentions known. u wouldn’t expect me to just know when the mouth has not moveth…i dont believe in assumptions jawe. i be magician? people have done greater things jor. no be people dei dash people cars out of the d generosity of their hearts..abeggie!
    personally wen i see a man goion overboard and not telling me why… i confront him. usuallut don’t have the patience for games..i prefer to play ball on a plain field.


    1. Exactly!!! That’s the expression I’ve been looking for! “Playing ball on a plain field.” B4 u open that account to enjoy the guy’s generosity, understand what will be expected of u. If he aint saying it, you demand to hear it.


  2. Vex money is very important just in case u want to stand ur ground.
    ask probing questions so u r aware of the T & C for the trip.


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