Types Of Annoying People You Find At Banks

These past couple of weeks, the spirit has been willing to write but the body has been so busy and hence weak. But you’ll be surprised at what a sprinkle of inspiration can help you accomplish.

Let’s not dwell on that and move on, please. *winks*

I was one of the folks that made a last-minute dash in an effort to register for this BVN – biometric verification number thing (hope I got the full meaning right) and I must admit that I’ve never seen so much people in a banking hall before. It was a real ruckus in there and I saw all the different kinds of people that you’d find irritating in a bank. A real nightmare for bank staffs and customers alike.

I’ve taken time to document them. Let me now proceed to spell out the various types of annoying people you will find at a bank. If you find yourself in any of these categories, please CHANGE. Hehehe…

ATM STICKERS: Let’s start from outside the Banking Hall. You know those folks that don’t really know how to operate the machines and instead of asking for some guidance, just stand there trying to study the ATM manual while everyone waits? For some, you get the idea fiddling with ATMs keep them alive. If you’re one of those and reading this, let me let you in on a little secret… It’s Annoying! People don’t have all day. Get on with it and don’t hold everyone to ransom.

QUEUE JUMPERS: Now moving into the banking hall, you have to take turns to be attended to. These set of annoying folks have the most precious time on earth. Even if there are three people on the queue, they will attempt to jump it. They’re the ones that will just appear from thin air and go like… “I just want to ask something, I’m not staying…” as if those on the queue live there. Then there push themselves to the front and attempt to make themselves comfy. For some, it’s to lie and swear you’re on a position on the line when you’re not. If you’re reading this, repent! It truly is Annoying!

PIN PINCHERS: These ones are everywhere. Key positions for them are by the atm and close to where you fill forms to either transfer or receive transferred funds. They are up to no good. They look to steal any info that will get them into your account to divert your funds. I trust no one reading this is one. They’re not only Annoying, they’re Thieves!

BIRO BORROWERS: “Please, borrow (sic) me your biro.” You’ll hear them say. “Have your biro, thank you…” you won’t hear. I have the feeling some of these people have a collection of pens they ‘forgot’ to return at the bank. They never go to the bank with pens but they walk out with one – cover or not. It is annoying. If you’re good at this, please stop it.

BATTERY DRAINERS: These ones ALWAYS have complaints. They have a problem with everything. You’ve been on the line for over an hour then this person sits down comfortably and the problem starts. He/She is attended to but it’ll never do. They always have one question or the other. They need to be educated about everything on the form and also what a bank is all about. They don’t even see the official wants to get rid of them. They just keep at it until there’s a chorus of disgust among the physically and mentally drained good folks on the queue. A-N-N-O-Y-I-N-G!

Finally, there are those I’d like to call…

RANDOM IDIOTS: These are the ones that do really silly things in banking halls. Some just constitute a nuisance in the bank like refusing to heed simple bank rules. And some just blow the mind.
Like this guy I saw at the bank yesterday. Came in with his sleeveless top and all tattoed-up. If he didn’t have a couple of tribal marks on his face, I would have thought he was American. Now, dude had both earphones in his ears and was filling his form wrong right where he was being attended to. The official tried repeatedly to point somethings out to him but he kept telling the official to repeat himself because he wasn’t hearing him well. All the while with the earphones in his ears. Please, does it get any stupid than that? And the queue was building as he spent over twenty minutes trying in vain to sort his mess out. Terrifyingly Annoying.

Those are all the ones I can spell out.

Did I miss out on anyone?

Let me know the kind of annoying persons at Banks that I might have missed.

Thank you


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Thank you for reading and God bless you.


8 thoughts on “Types Of Annoying People You Find At Banks

  1. Kayyyyy nice write up but it’s ‘bank verification number’… Atm stickers, queue jumpers and battery drainers? I can’t deal with


    1. Thanx babe. I stand corrected. Guess it’s one of the perks of picking up a little something here and there and trying to make sense of it. I’m not above mistakes and I aint afraid to show the world that. Thank you very much dear for reading it. And I agree with your choice of annoying peeps.


  2. Omg!!! I so hate the biro borrowers!! And they are everywhere not just in the banks! Urghh!

    The loudmouths are another example.. those who dont know how to pick their calls in public places. Please we are not interested in your conversation so dial down on the volume..


    1. Hehehe… I lost a valuable pen to one recently. I thought keeping the cover of the pen wld work a treat but no. These days, I resolved to shrug when I’m asked if I got a pen. Actually did it yesterday. But the loud-mouths… *sighs* Let me go take some painkillers for the headache. Thanks for reading.


  3. There was this man asking for tea the other day cos he’s been in the banking hall for over an hour, like it was anyone’s fault he came to do the bvn thingy on the final day of deadline! Rme! Kmt!


    1. lolx…oh i distaste pen borrowers. at a point i decided to become one of them jawe…i can not always be the giver at least let me get back the packet of pen i had lost.


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