You know me by now, guys.

When I don’t know something, I ask questions. True, the questions might be silly but as long as knowledge is added, I’ll take the extra baggage.

Which brings me to my next question borne out of an observation.

It’s about all these proposals I see and hear about everywhere.

Now check this, someone comes to propose and somehow manages to have a camera crew nearby. Dude kneels and places the ring on the lady’s finger and the lady is saucer-eyed and screams and cries and jumps up to hug the guy and friends show up to clap and all that. There’s been a case of a babe rolling on the floor but let’s not digress.

Pardon me if I come across as a party-pooper but isn’t there some scripting and acting here somewhere?

I just don’t get it and I need you all to make the blurry line a little clearer.

Now I understand how it is in foreign countries like the United States where people just don’t give a damn. You date who you want to and marry who you want to. The family’s job is more or less to show up when you guys are ready.

Let’s replay the scenario in Nigeria. Now I need you to walk with me here.

Firstly, you find a babe and you ask her out and she consents. For the purpose of this discourse, let’s forget the ones that just tag along for a brief ride.

So she consents and you guys start dating. Next thing, you take her to your folks and they get to meet her and you meet her folks (In some cases, there is already an introduction).

Next thing you know, he shows up with a ring and she’s shocked and crying and all that.

Forgive my permutation but way I see it, she knows it’s coming, her family know it’s coming, even the guy’s family know it’s coming so why do the ladies still gape saucer-eyed like marriage was never on the cards?

Or is it the sight of the engagement ring that is revealed when the box is opened that elicits such show of raw emotions? Like something in the precious stone on the top that stuns them?

I know as a matter of fact that without the approval from parents, a wedding has a high probability of not holding. So if the parents all know and more or less agree, why all the hullabaloo when he eventually does what everyone is waiting for him to do in the first place?

Really, I still don’t get the whole fuss.

I need someone to walk me through this as I agree I don’t know much so your comments are highly vital and needed.

I wanna learn.

Humbly yours,



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12 thoughts on “PROPOSALS

  1. i think the surprise comes from the fact that, that moment is just for the both of you(and friends if you like).you are not making it known to her parents…u are making it known to her, in a romantic or spectacular way.


  2. Only a guy knows if he will marry u or not regardless of how many members of the family u meet! Gone are those days where taking a girl home meant u are to marry her, this days its no guarantee. So a proposal means yes he choose u. What i dnt get is why d whole paparazzi. Mayb it is to make it romantic and memorable. 😊


  3. TBH,its all show… We like to copy things from “oyinbo” people. If my man wants to make a big deal out of it,sure,it won’t hurt to play along. (I’ve got madt acting skills).


  4. I don’t believe in the fakey fakey drama. Since u guys have been dating for a while and have discussed marriage so him proposing shouldn’t be cause for drama. I personally think those that do it are attention seekers and drama queens.


  5. hmmmm… I had mused about d same issue a lot of time. I think it is still fair if d relationship had been on for like 6months or 1year..(d girl has d right to say d famous ‘are u serious?’ happy/thrilled sentence) cos I heard lately that some parents now know their son’s side chick. toh! but in a dating relationship of over 8years(it exists)…. ahan, kilode.. y shud d girl scream like dat. make we no dey copy oyinbo abeg


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