Your Attention & Attendance Is Needed Here, Please!

What I’m posting today is totally strange and unlike what you’re used to reading from me.

It could be because I’m an Event Planner and the situation I’m about to describe is closer to home.

This question is based on a true story and I need your input as it’ll help me to be able to advise clients on how to handle such situations if I or they, as it were, find themselves in them. In all candour, I pray I never have to be in such a situation but it’s always good to prepare for such scenarios.

Like Dr. Tiger Ninestein of the rested children’s programme, Terrahawks, used to say; “Expect the unexpected.”

So this is it. Don’t forget, this is no Fiction. It actually happened.

Imagine this scenario; on a couple’s wedding day, the wedding was scheduled to begin by 11 AM that Saturday but the groom’s father didn’t show up until 4 PM with the smell of alcohol on his breath!!!

Nothing happened till the man turned up.

Now I’m going to push this question to you and even though it’s strictly hypothetical, tell me, if you were the groom or the bride (God forbid it happens to you, of course), WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

Kindly let me have your comments on whatever media (Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, BBM etc) you can reply me on. Your comments are important to me. I’ve discussed it with a couple of pals and they said some crazy things I can’t repeat here but I caught somethings there.

I never imagined this kinda scenario but it’s now a possibility so looking forward to your responses.

Thank you.


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Will be glad to have you.

God bless you.
Will be glad to have you.


6 thoughts on “Your Attention & Attendance Is Needed Here, Please!

  1. Hmmmm! I just hope the son won’t follow in his footsteps. I think they should have started without him, he shouldn’t have held everyone to ransom by his irresponsible behavior.


  2. The wedding should have simply gone on with someone else (elderly) taking the place of the father. That’s what I would have done. The father’s case would be properly dealt with at home! I happen to attend a wedding where the grooms mum arrived 2hours late (her excuse was they had an accident) while the bride knew (she was being punished as the mother in-law didn’t like her) the groom was adamant on the wedding going on without his mum.


  3. The wedding should have gone on without him. The bride’s father may have been needed more, to bring in the bride; but the only relevance of the groom’s father was to witness the wedding.


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