Bitter Pill For The Ladies

It’s 2am, Monday morning and I can’t sleep. Ever since the election when we all trooped out enmasse to exercise our civic right, I’ve not been able to sleep that well at night anymore. I know I should devote that time to praying and all that but I instead spend the time on Social Media monitoring the results of the elections and reading up on people’s thoughts and in some cases dropping mine too.

This night though, the social media wasn’t the only thing grabbing my attention…

AIT was the channel that was on. Usually, I’m no longer a huge fan of TV these days but I just leave it on with the hope something might drop that I might find interesting or useful.
This night, it was a movie produced by Emem Isong and Desmond Elliott titled Reloaded 1 & 2.
And the curious part is that I took the pains to see both parts.

It’s a story about 4 ladies and their various challenges with their husbands/boyfriends.

I know relationships and marriages need work and you might want to go see the movie if you haven’t but Stephanie Okereke’s character was what interested me and made me start typing this.

She was in a relationship with this guy played by Van Vicker for 7years.

Now the shock wasn’t the fact that they were dating for 7years (big deal) but the fact that they’ve lived together during this time!

He didn’t propose?! And you were still okay shaking your sexy ass around the house?!

6 abortions later, she found out he was due to be married to another lady who (according to his mum) he had impregnated and they didn’t want to ruin the relationship between their family and the lady’s family.

I’m sure a lot of you ladies are already cursing the guy as you read this. I found it funny though. Dude was comfy, lady had a good job but guy kept saying he wasn’t ready to have a baby and thwack, another baby got terminated.

“Men are just callous!”

I agree that some men are just damn callous.

Hear! Hear! That just hides the fact that some ladies are just damn stupid!


In the quest to play the victim sometimes, ladies should please just chill and use that pretty head God gave them, abeg.

How can you live with a man who hasn’t paid your brideprice and then…

Wait! Let me absorb that first. (Inhales… Exhales)

… and then abort for him 1,2,3,4,5,6…

6 times!!!

Babe, you’re wicked!!!

I’m both sorry and not sorry to say.

How can you abort for a man once or twice max and still let him put you in the family way again without showing some form of commitment? And you keep going till Nos 6.


Even if he doesn’t take you to the altar, let him do ordinary introduction at least. Or is that one expensive again?

What am I saying? Don’t let any guy fool you o! Why move in if he hasn’t paid your bride-price naa?

Stephanie Okereke character made the guy miss his wedding and felt fly with herself that she had taught him a lesson and that she wouldn’t accept him if he came back bla bla freaking bla.

Come back to what?

You just blew away 7years of your freaking life and your womb must be in an ICU now, honey!

Why not go out and take some statistics?

Let me help you with the question for the questionnaire:

What percentage of guys ACTUALLY END UP MARRYING ladies who have aborted for them more than 3 times?

You go dig that up.

See, craving empowerment and respect by the women folks is not just about shouting it and organizing dinners and rallies but about using their heads and placing some serious value and premium on themselves.

The battle to keep ladies from dressing indecently seem to be lost as it is but don’t lose this one.

If he loves it, let him put a ring on it. Don’t throw your life away for any guy because whether you know it or not, he has Plan B1, Plan B2, Plan B3…
There are 24 other letters in the alphabet I might add.

These days, it’s difficult for me to feel sorry for ladies like the lady in that story and I apologise if that admission actually strikes some nerves. This is because I know they must have gotten wise counsel but girls like that usually elect to disregard sound counsel.

So if you’re reading this and you’re ready to move in to ‘protect your man’ or ‘protect your relationship,’ kindly drop that idea. Don’t disregard mine.

I’m a guy and to a certain extent, I know.


Don’t depend on Karma to help you get some measure of retribution.

Please don’t.

If you get hurt, your curse won’t hit. Trust me.
I believe… Stupidity has its way of neutralizing its own curses.

Like the good book says, guard your heart with all diligence.

You may fall blindly in love but never get to the point where you’re stupidly in love.

Hope this helps someone.

I still love you all.

Thank you for reading.


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2 thoughts on “Bitter Pill For The Ladies

  1. Nice work Blog Aces, I’m so sharing ur blog today.

    My “favouritest” part of all my favourite parts is “See, craving empowerment and respect by the women folks is not just about shouting it and organizing dinners and rallies but about using their heads and placing some serious value and premium on themselves.”

    I’ve seen the movie, but all I did was pity her, I didn’t see it in this light. Thanks.


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