Teachers vs Parents?

This post is coming rather early and rather late. Rather early because it’s not due yet. I got some other posts to have come before this. Rather late because I’ve been brooding over this for a while now…

For as many that follow me on facebook and twitter, I posted something rather interesting but I feel like I didn’t express it as much as I would like so I decided to run into my ‘thoughts-forte.’

Now here I am.

Listen Parents, Teachers are out there to get you!

The Teachers have declared a war on Parents but the parents don’t know it.

But yours truly knows.

You all know I’m always the 1st to notice these things cos I bet y’all didn’t know.

I can’t explain why. I really can’t. Maybe I should have tried to find out why before posting this but it couldn’t wait. I guess the teachers in our midst can answer that.

Have you ever gotten stuck on your kid’s homework before?

Like you’re staring at the book and it’s like you’re waiting for the real questions to pop out but nothing of the sort happens?
You know those ‘homeworks’ you’re almost cursing the teachers for heaping on you?
Those homeworks you know you will do and all your kid has to do is copy down in their own handwriting what you wrote down?
What’s worse? Most times, you can’t even teach your kids how you arrived at your answer even if you’re somehow able to find an answer.

At the end of the day, the kid doesn’t learn from the assignment, you’re stretched to your wit’s end and back and somehow the only winners to emerge are the teachers.

I won’t beat about the bush; the homework of primary school kids these days are so freaking hard!!!

Haba? Me too go primary school naa.

If I were able to answer the kinda questions they ask primary school kids these days, I’d be a rocket scientist right now or the CEO of Apple Inc at worst.

So I went to visit a family friend and when it was time for the kids to do their homework, the mum diverted one of them to “…go and meet uncle Kay.”

Division of Labour things.

Needless to say, I got the short end of the stick.

The subject was Agric. Science. (I should have heeded the alarm and acted like I was knackered. Instead i ignored the warning sign because I needed to show the kid I’m her ‘big uncle’)

The question;

Fill in the gap with the appropriate words;

Weeding ____________________

Mulching ____________________

Harvesting ____________________


Please if you’re a parent and can answer this, kindly reply in the comment section so I can see if I can go redeem myself with that kid.


Now imagine a kid coming to you for help and you’re asking the kid what you’re supposed to write down in the spaces. Or that the kid should give you clues.

It’s not fair nah.

Here are the kids thinking you have the answer to ALL their problems but then, their school teacher will send them home with the kind of ‘homeworks’ that peel away every veneer of wisdom that your kid always believed you have to expose the large scale fraud one really is.

God forbid one day, a little kid now tells you, “You don’t really know anything, do you?”

The worst case is that it’s happened to me a number of times now.
It’s so bad now that I generally find an excuse to depart the scene when it’s time for kiddies homework.

I’ve seen a case where kids get passed from adult to adult just because no one wants to touch the dreaded ‘homework.’

So much a man and aspiring dad can take.

Now here I am thinking maybe the teachers wanna show the kids that their parents are not as super as they think them to be.
If that’s the lesson then they’re teaching it well.

I wonder what they discuss during P.T.A. meetings.

Please, if you parents have not started bringing it up, please start doing so now for the sake of those of us who have not started having kids yet.

It’s important that my kids hold me in high esteem, abeg.

As for Teachers… Please do the necessary adjustments.

If it’ll involve mailing us the answers to the children assignment before the kids get home, we’d STRONGLY appreciate it.

Thank you.

Blogaces on behalf of all parents and guardians and uncles and aunts and neighbours and family friends and adults generally.



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I love you all.

God bless you!


17 thoughts on “Teachers vs Parents?

  1. Sigh!!! Teachers are winning really. Can’t count the number of times have told my daughter to go tell her aunty I said “ori yin o pe” I had to write a note in her assignment book one time sef ” do you think am jobless, how can you ask her to write 1-1000. Backwards o? I asked. Didn’t get a reply to that question sef. Infact ayam tired! They’re actually giving the parents, uncle, aunty or alabagbe the assignments not the kids (º̩̩́_º̩̩̀) (º̩̩́_º̩̩̀)


    1. Loool! Yes ke. Everyday of the week, even weekends sef no rest. Don’t mind me jor. Your post just touched a very raw nerve :p.


  2. It’s okay. It’s affected all of us. A friend was just chattin wit me how she avoided one of her neighbor’s kids. Eventually, someone agreed to teach the kid and the kid got 2 out of 10 for his efforts. I couldn’t live wit myself if I had to make a kid score dat. It’s insane!


  3. I swear Kayode! I really don’t even understand! Ok for eg, what class did we freakin learn odd and even numbers?! The other day my son came home with dat- ask me what class he is in? Nur 1!!! Nursery 1!!!! Haba!!! What will he bring home when he enters Pry 1? Algebra?! Futher Maths!? Jesus!


  4. I am officially tired! last weekend, my little cousins parents called me that there was an emergency, I rushed down to find homework
    “Build round the word” & see 10 weird combination sounds in her phonics homework……I was stumped
    write the initial sounds, write A-Z phonetically etc for a 3 year old
    I have promised jihad for the teachers if they don’t slow their roll
    if I am getting stumped already, by the time my kids are born, I will employ a full time prof to assist with the homework


  5. @chinwe. At this rate, when he enters primary 1, he’ll be bringing home Organic Chemistry questions.
    And then he’ll also start doing projects. You know like dose over 200 pages projects we have in universities that has to be bound and all dat.


  6. @olubodun. Serious coz, hiring a prof might not help all the time. Imagine if you hired a professor of law and ur lil kid comes home wit a madass calculus problem? Look at the instance you gave, how do you even begin to figure that out. I can’t even understand the question much less figure out an answer.


  7. Really?

    Too funny that homework. I’ll like to think its incomplete. Maybe the kid is supposed to give synonyms, antonyms, tools etc.

    However, I do agree that kiddies homework these days are getting tougher. Look at the curriculum in other countries. I heard even the U.S is gradually using the syllabus taught in China especially where mathematics is concerned. Things like

    ” how many cups of flour labeled 1/8 do you need to bake cake for a family of four, assuming each person weighs an average of 130pounds?”

    You get my drift?

    Anyways, I heard this new learning and teaching methods has more advantages than disadvantages. Plus, it prepares them kids for the ever evolving world.

    We all know that, not all you’re taught at school will apply to your everyday life. So why bother?



    1. @walker. If there was anything missing in that assignment, trust me, it never showed up. I left it incomplete as I couldn’t find anything to guide me. That ship has sailed.
      So if it’s truly getting tougher then it means I have to brace myself. O ma ga o. But these kids don’t have a clue what these questions are. Why would they give them stuffs they’re not taught. Or am I to believe a 3yr old kid is now instructed to do research? Ko ye mi man!


  8. How do one draw the world atlas and label each continents with colours? *bawling* its unfair I tell you!!!

    My people in this hard time of “homework crisis” unrest, I profer a simple solution. You guessed it right? “GOOGLE”. Google has been a lifesaver literally.


    1. @sekina. I knw I’ll color europe white and africa black. I’ll color asia yellow and south america green. Lmao!!! I’ll ask the police to arrest the teacher for instigating racism. Hehehe…


  9. Mehn!!! Serious issue o. I have a 5yr old brother. The assignments he brings home ehn? Sometimes I ask him, Junior what class are you in again? Its not funny at all


  10. Mail u d answer to d kiddies assignment!!! Den y is it calld ‘home work?’ Its not our fault dat dey r given much assignments dat luks ridiculous nd absurd to you parents nd parents-to-be. Parents always complain dat dey want der kids occupied @ home nd thank God for teachers, we r living up to expectations. If a Nur 1 kid is asked to solve simultaneous equation or algebra, dis is bcos times r changing. Nd teachers wunt teach outside d curriculum. My good advice to parents is dat carry out researches and read wide so u wunt loose ur ‘super parents’ status b4 ur Kids.


  11. Hahahahah..
    I had similar experience with one carribean kid over here…she was telling me Pluto is no longer a planet..and so it is now eight planets…I could not argue because the last time I did geography was 2001.
    I just nodded. And lied. **that is still under debate you know, have they resolved it ?***
    The kid looked at me suspiciously but couldn’t find any holes in my countenance…she replied…**I never knew it was debated**
    I said oh common…every discovery from the Times of Newton, Einstein, faraway etc. went. through series and series of debates before accepting it as a theory…
    She looked at me dis time , satisfactorily with desiring eyes like…Waoh…this African dude is so multi-talented….Yimu…😊


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