“No, no… Of course not. Just found something curious.” He replied.

“May I ask what that is?”

“Well, it’s something about those apes. The way they move, the way they interact. See the leader now standing on his hind legs alone… If you were to go stand with them, one would think you’re family.”


At this, Amin burst out in a guffaw.

“What nonsense.” He said when he paused to wipe tears from his eyes, “I have my family and they are humans not gorillas.”

“I know, but I was just wondering why the resemblance was so close.”

“Maybe you should talk to God about it. But you really are one funny lad, Charlie, son of Robert, son of Darwin.”

“That’s what I will do. Once again, thank you for your hospitality.”

“You’re welcome anytime.” Amin responded and continued laughing and shaking his head as he walked towards his house.

Charlie walked away with a lot of troubling thoughts on his mind. It may sound preposterous but could apes and man have come from the same family? Were apes made from the same clay as man? Could it be that apes were actually men in their crude state and gradually, like precious stones, they got refined till they became man?

Amin, son of Dada was really a great host but he really did look like a gorilla so he could be one of the specimen that didn’t achieve full refinement. He needed to get to the bottom of this. He could still make the garden of Eden before evening.

God came as usual in the cool of the evening to the garden of Eden to relax and to fellowship. He saw the determination in the young boy’s eyes and he knew he came for answers.

“Charlie, son of Robert, son of Darwin.” God called unto him.

Charlie was sure happy to see God as he bowed down to reverence him.

“Oh lord my God to whom nothing is hidden.” Charlie started. “You’re the almighty one. The one that made the heavens and the earth, the firmaments, beautiful flowers and trees, the fishes and the birds and the animals. You’re the creator of Nature which I love so much and every living and non-living thing on this earth. You’re all-seeing and all-knowing and I reverence you, my God.”

God smiled.

“Speak what troubles you, Charlie.”

“Forgive me, my God, but I’ve been thinking of so many things and nothing disturbed me so much as a curious sight I saw today.”

“You mean Amin, son of Dada and his apes.” God quizzed with a smile.

“Oh lord, your wisdom has no end. You are the discerner of thoughts and intents. I’ve always given a thought to the progression of nature so I’ve wondered if somehow, man is not an upgrade of apes. Like if there was an evolution or something of the nature that have brought about so much uncanny resemblance between humans and apes.”

God smiled again.

“Charlie, son of Robert, son of Darwin, I am your God and I’m the one that created the heaven and the earth. I created light to dispel the darkness and I created everything that you see around you. I created man on the 6th day and on the 7th day, I rested.

“I want you to know that I didn’t just create man, I had a master plan for creating him. I created man in my image and after my likeness. So whenever you see a fellow man, that man looks just like me. The man is like me. Man has my breath in them, the breath of life. Man didn’t come from apes, I made Man to have dominion over not just apes but every beast of the field, of the land and of the sea. Do you doubt me, Charlie?”

“No my lord.” Charlie replied.

God tarried with him a while and then left and Charlie decided to spend the night in the garden. He wondered if he had not given a lot of thought to something totally unnecessary. But it was good to have it all cleared for him. Apes just look like humans, hold things like humans, nurse kids like human and do a number of things like humans but they were not humans.

Not even anywhere close.

When he woke up at dawn, the first thing that struck him was the sight of a very beautiful tree just ahead. He got up to have a closer look as he walked steadily to the tree at the center of the garden. He looked up at the tree and admitted to himself that he was looking at the most beautiful and desirable looking fruits he had seen on the tree. His very curious mind was aroused again being fuelled by the hunger he suddenly started to feel.

Why would God leave this tree here if he really wanted no one to eat it? Why was it an abomination to eat such a delicious looking fruit? Why would God forbid them from eating the most beautiful fruit in the garden?

It was all confusing to him but yet he looked longingly at the tree as he wished he could just taste one… not necessarily to satisfy his hunger but just to have a taste. But they had been expressly warned that the day anyone eats the fruit that they would die. So it was a closed…

He heard a sound to his left as he turned to behold the serpent as it noiselessly went past him and climbed casually up the tree. When it was perched on a branch closest to the biggest and ripest looking of the bunch, he looked down at Charlie and said;

“Want a bite?”

Charlie looked up at the beast up the tree and replied;

“You know I can’t have that. And you shouldn’t be on that tree.”

“So God really did say you must not eat of any tree in this garden, right?” The wily serpent asked.

“I’m only allowed to eat of the other trees but this one is a no-no.”

The serpent laughed.

“I guarantee you will not die. This fruit is the key to the wisdom and knowledge you’ve always sought. If you eat this delicious fruit, you’ll be like God, knowing good and evil.” The serpent said.

“Really?” Charlie replied with his eyes as wide as saucers.

“Really. How do you think I got to know so much? I’ve eaten of this tree so many times and do I look dead to you?”

“No” Charlie somewhat hesitantly like he wasn’t sure he was supposed to answer that question.

The serpent plucked the big fruit and threw it to him.

Charlie caught it.

“Just taste it and see.” The wily serpent entreated. “In that fruit is the answer to all you’ve ever wondered.”

Charlie looked at the beautiful looking fruit in his hand…



The post is inspired by the book of Genesis Chapters 1 – 3.


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