“No one is allowed for whatever reason to go anywhere near that tree at the center of the garden. It was forbidden by God. The penalty was death.”


So life went on smoothly for everyone concerned. No one was ever scared of losing their women to other men because no one felt any pride or lust towards any lady that wasn’t one’s wife or being chosen by the rib-tingler. Tall, big, short, slim etc… It was all about the tingling. The size of the sexual organs didn’t even register as beacons for sexual preference.

Everyone was just beautiful and there was no ugly one as evil had not pervaded the earth.

Added to that fact was that everyone was friends with everyone else whether white or black and it was not uncommon to see a white skinned person get married to a dark skinned person like in the case of Mark and Victoria (Victoria was dark-skinned and Mark was white-skinned).

There was always peace and harmony and there was yet to be a reported case of strife or even anger. There was no suspicion… no envy.
Everyone knew contentment because everyone had what they needed to provide for themselves and their families as well as to worship God with. There was no famine as the ground always yielded and child-bearing was as easy as easing oneself. There was no pain involved whatsoever.
No one died from illness as there were no illnesses or diseases.

The people were either tending to their business, hanging out with friends or having fun with their families.
There were no curfews and the concept of weapons had not even registered to man as there was nothing to defend oneself from.

Human and animals generally roamed freely and there was no care for one’s safety because there was absolute security in God.

Some got on their donkeys, horses and/or camels and rode thousands of kilometers for the fun of it to visit The Garden and to spend some time with Papa Adam and Mama Eve and whenever they could; Papas Cain and Abel…

It was all bliss. It was all fun. It was so wonderful to know God was never far away. He came to fellowship with them in their homes in the cool of the evening and whenever they needed him.

They always did.

No one knew it was the best of times.

Man was evolving. Science played a key part. There were mathematicians and physicists. Man had started trading and engaging in commercial venture together. Knowledge seemed to increase at a geometric rate.

But with man’s knowledge increasing in every aspect, man still remained ignorant and totally unaware in one aspect.

Man went about their business totally oblivious to the fact that they were stark naked!

A few miles away from the Garden of Eden lived a brilliant young lad named Charlie son of Robert son of Darwin who had just migrated from far to settle as closely as possible to the garden of Eden.

Charlie was a very pleasant young lad and was also a very deep thinker. He liked to keep to himself sometimes and because he enjoyed nature and studying animals, he was always to be found in or around the garden.

On this day, being guided by a sense of adventure, he took a stroll to a nearby farmland owned by a physically imposing man with a very dark skin and bulging biceps. The man had the squat physique of a boxer and lived with his wife and eight children (six boys and two daughters). The man grew so many different produce on his land. He also had a number of animals on his land with a small pond for fishes at the east side of his land.

“Good day. That’s quite an impressive land you have there. My name is Charlie, the son of Robert, son of Darwin.” Charlie said.

“Thank you, Charlie. My name is Amin, son of Dada. My land is always welcome to you if you ever want to visit.” The big man bellowed out.

“Thanks for such generous gesture. I intend to take you up on that.”

“My pleasure, Charlie. So tell me, do you have the rib-tingler for any of my daughters?” Amin asked with a wink.

“I’m yet to have such a sensational feeling but I know it will come soon.” Charlie replied with laughter.

Just then, some gorillas appeared from behind Amin’s house and started making for the pond. They were led by the biggest male in the group. Charlie kept staring at the beasts as he pondered on something.

“You like my gorillas?” Amin asked

Charlie snapped out of his reverie.

“No, no… Of course not. Just found something curious.” He replied.

“May I ask what that is?”

“Well, it’s something about those apes. The way they move, the way they interact. See the leader now standing on his hind legs alone… I find its stature curious. Did you know if you were to go stand with them, one would think you’re family?”

(To be continued)


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