Now if that had been the case, imagine what this world would have looked like now as I help guide your thoughts with this mini-series I got lined up for you…



It was such a sweet feeling when Mark, the son of David the son of Henry, met Victoria, the daughter of Williams.

From the moment he laid his eyes on her, he knew that she was the one from the way his ribs tingled. She worked in the building right opposite his own office complex.

There was this feeling that seemed to course through his flesh and bones whenever he saw her and heard her voice and like some kind of telepathy, he knew she felt the same way about him. He knew what he had to do as was demanded by the custom.

There were no merry-go-rounds, no love songs or serenades under trees, no ice cream or movies etc. Romance was saved till after the marriage had been performed.

He had to go meet her father to inform him that his ribs had tingled at his daughter and that as she’s the one, he would like to take her as wife.

He would understand.

Then her father would ask if he worked and he would tell him he did as was customary. When this was settled, the father would chose a certain day when he, his wife and Victoria would make the long journey to ‘The Garden’ where they would meet with Mark’s family.

They would now wait till evening when God would show up at the garden to relax and fellowship with them.

It was always very special coming to the garden as this was where their heritage started from and they felt this connection with it. Papa Adam and Mama Eve were always on ground to welcome them in the garden. The first couple had been witnesses at innumerable number of marriage unions that had taken place in the garden.

It is at this time that the father of the girl would present the matter before God and after God gave his blessing, the father of the girl would hand the girl over to the groom who would take her so they can also be blessed by Adam and Eve before he would take her to his home as his wife.

They would all then journey back to their respective homes.

It was that simple and that had been the way they had all performed their marriages and given birth.

It all started with the tingling sensation felt in the men’s ribs and when that feeling kicked in, they knew the cause of that feeling was going to eternally be their wife.

It was like the almighty had this beeper installed in the men’s heart region. Like a signal to alert them when they’ve found ‘The one.’ Once the signal is given, you know you’re ready to be married.

From the stories that they all had heard so many times, the rib-tingler was a foolproof method created by God himself. The only variants of the story depended on who was telling the story.
The men or the ladies.

The fathers told their sons the story while the daughters have to hear it from their mothers.

The Men’s Version:

“God created the animals in twos except for man. Man was the only creature he made alone. And what did God do, he created Papa Adam and gave him the garden to work on. There were beasts to be taken care of and named too. Beasts of the air, of the field and of the sea too. God gave man ‘Work.’ So that’s the first thing he did so that’s why you can’t get the jingles in your ribs until you become a worker.
So when Papa Adam had done a lot of good work, you’d have to admit naming all these animals, fishes and birds is tremendous work, God decided he’d earned a helper. So what did he do, he decided to give Adam a much needed rest and when he woke up, the most beautiful sight awaited him. Mama Eve was presented to him by God as a kind of reward for hardwork. He made Mama Eve from Papa Adam’s ribs and that was how it started. God no longer needs to make our wives from our ribs but I’m sure he decided to leave us with the beautiful feeling Papa Adam must have felt when he first saw Mama Eve hence the tingling ribs.

The Women’s side:

“Papa Adam did a lot of work in the garden with the trees, the animals, the birds and the fishes. It was some really hard work but God decided the work needed some finesse. I mean, what’s a garden without beauty or radiance or what we all know as ‘feminine touch.’
So when Papa Adam was done with all his work, God decided he needed help to fine-tune things so that’s where Mama Eve came in.
Now this is the special part. This is why we ladies are so precious.
God knew Mama Eve had to be beautiful and pure so he decided he couldn’t make her from the mess of clay our adorable brutes of men are made from (There’s always giggling whenever this part is said). So what does he do? He put them to sleep is what he did and while they snored, he extracted the rib closest to their heart and with every beautiful and pure ingredient he had, God artistically put Mama Eve together to be… Perfect.
So when Papa Adam woke up, he saw her and the ribs haven’t ceased tingling since then. It tingled so bad that his seed will be feeling it for generations. And we as women will always get the feedback via the buzz.”

The ladies would instinctively wink at each other and burst out in laughter.

The curious aspect of the ‘rib-tingler’ is that no man ever felt it for two women. You feel it once, you go take that lady as a wife. It was a default way of wooing. The beautiful aspect is that when the tingling starts, the ladies know. They feel a certain kind of buzz all around them too. It was a joke amongst the women and a kind of status symbol. When a young girl asks her mother when she too would become a woman, the mother with a smile will reply, “When you feel the buzz, you’ll know you’re about to be a woman.”

One last thing that should be mentioned about the ‘rib-tingler’ is that it may come randomly but it just doesn’t come to any male. A teenage boy never feels the tingle no matter how hard he beats his chest or remains in the midst of very beautiful women.
It only comes when a boy comes of age and becomes a man. And becoming a man also meant working and being able to supply sustenance.

So when a man comes of age, he marries his wife and they go to have kids naturally and raise the kids right. But there was just one rule that had been passed down to them from their forefathers and enforcers of this golden rule…

‘No one is allowed for whatever reason to go anywhere near that tree at the center of the garden. It was forbidden by God. The penalty was death.’

(To be Continued)


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