I’m so elated right now because I just became an uncle for the 3RD time!!!

I’m sure a lot of you have it on the tip of your tongue to ask me when my own will come so save yourself the hassle. My answer to that will be coming shortly.

I hope it’s only the guys reading this?

If so, great!

If not, remember the story of Eve in the garden of Eden? You got the point.

Good. Away we go!

For as many of you guys that didn’t read my post about ladies and the menu they’re serving their hair at the expense of the guys, kindly click here to read about it.

So the ladies are at it again, gentlemen. And as usual, I’ve dug deep to bring you this exclusive.


Caesarean section that used to be so dreaded once upon a time is now the go-to section for our young ladies these days.

Yes sir. I said it.

It’s the in thing now.

Kinda strange, isn’t it?

Thanks to medical breakthrough and all that, ladies are now embracing it for two major reasons

– It’s very convenient: Pick a date, strut to the clinic, go through the procedure, you could even laugh with the doctors while at it and Voila! *baby’s cry*

– Saves you all the stress of ‘Pushing’ and pushing. Imagine all that pushing Pain and all that.

– The elasticity of the cervical wall is preserved (winks). This reason alone is worth 10 good reasons if you ask me.

But there are the downsides too;

– The surgical wound takes longer to heal after the operation.

– It’s a more expensive procedure than the normal procedure.

A much more expensive procedure.

The procedure to the best of my knowledge costs something close to one million naira!!!

(Laughing out loud)

Now I don’t intend to sound like a cheap skate but the high cost of the Caesarean section these days so much coincides with the loss of strength and interest in babes of these days when it comes to pushing which i find kinda disturbing.

Our ladies these days can’t push anymore so while planning that wedding, it’ll be wise for you to start saving up millions in trust depending on the amount of kids you choose to have.

Some of my guys are bailing out already.

But the choice is easy… Pay through your nose to let her have that C.S. and you keep enjoying that tight, elastic cervical wall or be that cheap skate and let her go through the rigors of pushing and all that water breaking thing and maybe you’ll need to puff up that #$%^&*() to be able to totally enjoy that sexual experience.

Not like I’m in support of this or that.

I guess the choice isn’t that easy after all.

I mean, we’re talking a million here… (shivers).

Having three or four kids at once is now looking like a great idea if you ask me. Just spend that million once and for all.

So for those still asking when I wanna start having my own kids…

I’ve decided to give unto God what is God’s.
You’ll have to ask God because he’s the only one that can provide the answer and the supply.

My Beautiful Niece!

That’ll be all for now, folks.

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Love you…

Compliments of the Season!


4 thoughts on “GIVE UNTO CAESAR…

  1. Oga, no be small thing o
    But its not up to 1million sha,depending on how private the hospital you choose.
    Secondly,the choice for CS is not entirely up to our wives again,the doctors suggest it because of the money they want to make.
    Thank God my wife pushed anyway and I still get to enjoy the “area” even after two kids **winks**


  2. The energy to push has been diverted to other things. Evaluating the elasticity of the cervical wall and the 1million bucks… Which is the smaller burden.


  3. Na u sabi Mr ceasar until u can push a baby out keep ur comments to urself. Anyway c section can actually save both the mother and child so we thnk God for modern tech…..I think it’s only fair a woman has a choice after the rigour of carrying the child for 9months a little respite is only too welcome! Jus saying


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