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To be honest, most times I don’t realise how much I miss blogging until I start penning a new post. I really wish I could do more but as it is, this is just that one quirk of trying to live multiple lives in one life time.

Story for another day.

Now there’s something I’m observing these days that I really wanna write about but I can’t.


I’ve noticed that there is a trend out there right now that we thought we had used the weapon of education to chase to the background.

It has now fought its way to the fore.

It’s on the issue of Bleaching.

Yeah, that act we thought was perpetuated by only the non-educated and uncouth is now a massively growing phenomenon and this time, it’s enjoying massive play amongst the educated.

But I’m not going to write about it here even though I know a lot of peeps would like to see me have a go.

Oh no.

I’ll let this slide because most of “Blogaces’ Posts'” fans are ladies and I’m sure a number of them are guilty of either committing the act or even considering it.

So I’m not going to say what I think of Bleaching. The idea of business is to keep the customer happy, right?


But I’ll give an advice to those considering it and would really like to know my take on it being their ‘rolls model’ and stuff like that.


Later in life, you’ll wish you never did it.

The dark ladies are getting married to great guys too so work on the way you see and perceive yourself. Make yourself beautiful on the inside. It’ll reflect on the outside.

If you really must get Lighter though, I have an alternative and better way to go about it:


That’s that about bleaching/toning/orwhatevertheycallitthesedays your skin to make it white.

The Ladies can stop reading now. The next session is strictly masculine.


So guys, we take it from here…

As someone that grew up in the midst of ladies, I thought I had an idea about all that I needed to know about the strange ways of women.

Guys, respect women!

What some of these ladies have done with their hair, you can’t even stomach.

I meant that literally.

I was discussing with this group of friends of mine, and these guys are real awesome, when the ladies in our midst started talking about hair treatment and all that…

My jaw dropped.

Guys, if you’re running fast out of grocery, trust me, it has nothing to do with your adding weight.

And that pot of soup that vanishes on time, she’s not smuggling it out to another family outside or having a man come over to feed.

Oh no.

These ladies are feeding the food to their hair.

You don’t believe me, right?

I understand. Sounds crazy to me too.

If what these ladies say is the truth, then these ladies are feeding our soup, mayonnaise, tomatoes, eggs and all the groceries to their hair.

They concoct all manner of food that they won’t serve us, their guys, and they’ll make it for their hair.

There’s nothing they don’t use. Even all the milk, milo and sugar ain’t spared.

So this is what I suggest we do to get to the bottom of this;

When you hear your woman complain about her hair, start watching her. Check out the food in your pantry and kitchen. Follow her everywhere. Note every suspicious activities of hers around the kitchen.

Is she paying frequent visits to the abokis in your area?

Is she acting high or like someone on weed?

Do you feel dizzy whenever you hug her…

Send me a report and let’s share discoveries.

It’ll be such an eye-popping experience.

Let’s get to know our ladies better. It’ll probably save our lives some day.



So that’ll be all for now, folks.

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If you like my style of writing, kindly let me know and also let others know. It’ll really encourage me. Don’t forget to comment.

Love you…



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5 thoughts on “TO HAIR IS WOMAN…

  1. Lol! Nice title! And u are actually right, some of ‘we ladies’ actually condition our hair with such product. Olive oil, shea butter, egg, mayonnaise, weed and the others! You want us to stick to our so called EXPENSIvE human hair or you want us to av the LOVEly REAL human hair? The choice is yours!!! πŸ˜€


  2. D babe i know is proud of her new oyibo skin, she’ll now be sweating ehn. And to think about how much dey put into getting whiter baffles me..


  3. @elite. So you’re even confirming it???!!! God haff catch you and all the other women-folk today!!! Time to pass message to the other men-folk. Hehehe… As for which one I’ll choose, pls send me the bills for both so I’ll know which is cheaper. Hehehe…


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