I know a lot of people who see this title may think I have something earth-shattering to say but DANG!!!

If you’re familiar with my posts, you’d know I don’t roll like that. One of my core values is ENTERTAINMENT. It’s to put a smile on your face or laughter in your soul.

But don’t think I’ll do all that without having imparted something in your life. That’s KEY ladies and gentlemen.

After all, what we need in this country most is a mental revolution and I’m an agent of change.

Now to the issue of RESPECT, which is why I’m writing this piece.

You’re probably wondering what the cost of Respect is. Then let me shock you…

I am too.

There’s only one true way I know you can get ‘true’ respect and it’s just like Salary… You’ve got to EARN it.

Yes, you heard me.


Respect doesn’t come just because you wear a t-shirt with “RESPECT ME” boldly emblazoned on it. NO!

It doesn’t come the moment you can browbeat someone into calling you ‘Broda’ this or ‘Auntie’ that or even ‘Chief’ whatever.

It doesn’t come because you’re generations older than others.

Uh-oh! Looks like I’ve crossed the line there, haven’t I?
I ought to be spanked silly and sent to my room.

Problem is…

I just spoke the truth.

There’s a difference between ‘True’ Respect and ‘Default’ Respect.

True Respect is the respect we give to people because of their character, their accomplishment, their vision, their wisdom etc.
We aspire to something around people like these so we respect them. This set of folks cuts across all age, sex, race and religious inclination.

Default Respect is the respect we give to people that are older than us because the ‘default belief’ is that older people are wiser.

But the problem with Default Respect even though older people have been around much longer on this earth, they really ought to be wiser but so many times, this is not so.
What I learned is that in some cases that older people are not always wiser.

You’ll learn this when you’re a Nigerian and the ‘average’ Nigerian thinks because he/she is older than you, he/she has the right to walk over you without consequences; insult you without consequences; provoke you without consequences; jump queues without consequences…

I know one major, foolproof way to Earn Respect is to respect yourself.

You’ll see an elderly man or woman absolutely make an absolute bonkers of him/herself and when the consequence hits, you’ll hear; “Shey mo’n se egbe e ni? (Am I mate?)” or my personal favourite; “O dabi wipe e ni agba ni ileyin. (You have no elderly person in your family.)”

It’s almost like in this part of the world, an elderly person is permitted to provoke the hell out of you while you simply shut your mouth because you have to “Show respect to the elderly person”


I’m sorry to say but to some reasonable extent, some of our cultures are flawed.
And it’s so sad that the so called custodian of these cultures now play it to their advantage.

Have you ever been lied on by an elderly person and when you try to defend yourself, other elders will shut you up by saying; “Shey o fe so wipe agba’n paro nii???!!!” Which translates to mean “Do you want to say that an elder is lying???!!!”

Yes I do wanna say this elder is lying from both sides of his stinking mouth!!!

Okay… That’s it. Sorry if I’ve made this post kinda unconventional but you get my drift.

I still have quite a lot to say but I don’t wanna ruffle any elderly feathers so let me just pause there to catch my breath and refill my ink.

But if I get responses from my fans to keep going and continue this post…

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God bless you.


5 thoughts on “COST OF RESPECT

  1. And respect is different from fear! Let me jus’ use this channel to apologise to all the people (elderly or ‘olderly’) who think I don’t show them enuff respect (aka lick ass), I’m sorry but the Rebelkween don’t smell/lick/kiss/go near ass! I jus’ dont know how! My mouth’s too pretty!

    Nice one jare, K! Jo n I were still talking about this respect thing on Wednesday. These adults need to quit playing “babies”!


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