Oh my God!

How I’ve missed this, people.

I’ve truly missed those days when I could drop posts on all you unsuspecting folks with the frequency of Churches springing forth in Lagos.

Of course, that’s not why we’re here.

The reason why I’m here is to let you know that BLOGACE’S POSTS is back!!!

*audience cheers*

And I just opened a channel with same name on BBM so feel free to subscribe and let’s all relate together because Andrea is finished and I’m back to my very best!!!

Okay, that wasn’t exactly why you’re here. Somehow, the title piqued your interest enough to bring you here but it still felt good having you all read what I wrote earlier.

You all had to know.

So back to my piece…

One of the most difficult times for a guy is when he’s in a new relationship.
The reason why is because as soon as the lady says ‘YES,’ the guy suddenly develops x-ray vision, super strength and speed, durability etc.

The guy becomes totally indestructible and omnipotent.

Honestly, I don’t know what most ladies think when guys come to ask them out because I’ve seen and heard some crazy things you’ll hear ladies say when they get new boyfriends.

Might be what is commonly termed (and what I choose to call) the HR (Hormonal Rush) which accompanies every new relationship.

Yes! It must be that. Let me give you a few examples:

Girl A: I’m very hungry.
Girl B: Na true o! I’m very hungry too. Let me call dat my new boo. He’s at work now but he can excuse himself so he can take me out to eat.
Girl A: But he works in a Bank?
Girl B: So…?

Mother: Why isn’t this toilet flushing.
Daughter: It isn’t? Iyama! That’s gross. Let me call that my new boyfriend to come and help us repair it.
Mother: Ahan! But I thought he’s a banker?
Daughter: So…?

Brother: I need 150k for my fees.
Sister: Let me call Wole, my new boify. He’ll mos def raise it.
Brother: But he doesn’t have a job yet naa.
Sister: So…?

Mother: Your father broke my heart and ran away with another woman. *cries*
Daughter: Awww… Men are just cruel. Not to worry. I’ll call my new guy. He can do anything for me.
Mother: You want him to find your father?
Daughter: Hell No!!! I want him to donate his heart for you.

Girl A: *crying* I can’t find my period.
Girl B: Is that why you’re crying? Abeggi abeggi! *picks up phone to call new boyfriend* when last did you see it? I’m going to have Kay find you a new one.

Girl: Dad, I just started dating this new guy and he’s so wonderful. He needs a job so he can quickly settle down.
Father: How old is he?
Girl: (beaming) He’ll be 25 on December 25.
Father: Really? What are his qualifications? What can he do?
Girl: He only has his school cert but he can do ANYTHING.

*Bell tolls*

I’m really tempted to go on but let me stop it here.

So ladies, my point is that your new ‘boify’ may be Super but he can’t do everything your mind conjures. So don’t expect heaven and earth from the lad.
Be supportive, no matter what. Not saying you should be supportive of his vices o! Just take it easy and don’t kill him.

While we’re at it, why not drop comments on some other instances that you have experienced.

It’ll be fun.

This is me signing out. Expect something fresh from me in the next coupla days.


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God Bless you.



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