Author’s Note:


I started Andrea as a silly joke cos it was a half-hearted attempted at fiction. I never imagined it would be something this serious. I just wanted to introduce a character with 2 husbands but I really had no idea what to do with her or her story so I got @Rebelkween on board cos she’s an insanely creative writer and insane was what I hoped for.
I have loads of peeps always hounding me for new episodes and I appreciate them so much. You’ll agree with me that we all need people to push us. Please, don’t stop pushing me for more.

I appreciate all my readers and I’m sorry it took this long to finish it.
I’ll have to admit I decided to be vain on this last episode hence the reason to wait so long to release it today which is my birthday. (Smiles)

But I assure all my readers that my subsequent series will be much shorter and come much more quickly. I’ll have it all set b4 publishing not spontaneous like Andrea.

I thank you all for your love and support. It’s been an encouragement. And I hope you still stay tuned to Blogace’s Posts cos I look forward to seeing your comments. And I also hope to see you all follow @blog_aces on twitter.

Thank God for you all. You’ve been my inspiration. God bless you all and I love you!

I hope you enjoy the last episode.


Artwork by: ‘godz’

Previously on Andrea

She honestly couldn’t be bothered about her hair right then because if even if she decided to smoothen it out, it was sure to get unraveled all over again. She was satisfied with the length of her gown as it exposed every secret of her legs and accentuated her generous breasts.
She switched off the bedside lamp and covered herself up in bed with her duvet to wait. She wondered how much longer it would take Eddie to sneak into her room and her heart beat in anticipation. By some inspiration, she decided covering herself was like undoing all the good work she had done that night and with a shrug uncovered herself as she curled herself up in a fetal position to wait.
The room was cold.


At his point, Sam’s mother began to choke with tears even as her breaths started to come in gasps and more words from Sam hit her.
“Andrea got married to Eddie in Germany. It worked because no one had known about our own union here except you and a few members of the family.”
“Her father had died shortly after but he had willed his estate to her but he had put in a clause that she and Eddie had to be married for a minimum of ten years before she can take it over. Less than that, and everything was to be willed to Eddie.”

“Senami is not Eddie’s fiancée but a rouse to take you off the scent when you came. You understand that we didn’t want you to know.”

“I’m sorry, mum, but there really is no easy way to say this but your dream was right. Eddie and I are both married to Andrea… Eddie and I are both married to Andrea… Eddie and I are both married to Andrea…
It came repeatedly to her like she was in a haze and before she knew it and could stop herself, she screamed so loud that the driver panicked and steered the bus into the path of an oncoming truck…


Sam felt really down that day without exactly knowing why. After all said and done, the whole charade had ended up as an utter fiasco. Guess nothing could really be hidden under this blazing sun afterall. As soon as he dropped his mother off, he drove straight to work. He decided he wasn’t ready to face the people at home so he would rather go bury himself in work then call his mother to find out if she had gotten home and that would be that.

He thought to call Dorcas up to inform her of the arrival of their mum but thought against it. When he got to work, he busied himself by getting himself immersed in all the backlog of work. He immersed himself so deeply as he attacked everything in his way like a mad man. When he was tired, he sat back on his reclining chair to rest and to ask himself how things had gotten so much out of hand. He didn’t even want to think about anything. He needed his mind expunged of all thoughts. He needed to be free of it all. What he needed was to be knocked the hell out he told himself.

He reached for the small fridge beside his desk. He had it put there to cool drinks in case he had some important guests visiting like musical artistes, the ladies he entertained in his office and of course, there were moments like this when he needed a stiff drink too.

He took out a chilled 70cl bottle of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee and a Styrofoam cup principally for that purpose since there were times he couldn’t be bothered to look for a proper wineglass.

The whole idea was to have the drink in the belly, right?

Formalities were for formal peeps he thought as he poured himself a stiff shot and twirled the cup like it would somehow magically get sharper or make him feel less guilty and then swallowed it all in one gulp as he closed his eyes and braced himself for the impact. The liquid seemed to burn its way down his throat to his stomach. He grimaced as he shook his head and then poured himself another shot. He felt a whole lot better and a little lighthearted. The Jack Daniel’s may be a very expensive blend of whisky but it lived to the hype and the reputation. He poured himself another shot but was about to gulp it down when his mobile phone began to ring. The suddenness of the ringing took him by surprise that he spilled some of the liquor on his shirt. It was the ringtone that he had dedicated to his mum. He had been expecting her call. He expected her to be in Osogbo already or close. It was some minutes past noon. His nerves were shot to hell and with a trembling hand, he picked up his phone.

Next came the scream.


Eddie lay on his bed but sleep eluded him. He had known when Sam’s mum was leaving and had effectively remained shut in. He was really glad and relieved to see her go. As a matter of fact, he had tiptoed after them to see Sam usher her out the door then had peeked through the curtain to be sure they were exiting the gate too. There had been no ‘goodbyes’….none was necessary. Nor were they welcome.

Sam’s mum had come in amidst so much drama and left with not even as much as the chirp of a cricket. Funny how life turns out sometimes, right? He mused. Then he started to go back to his room but paused right outside Senami’s door. He looked up the stairs and then with a sorry look at Senami’s door. He thought but then halted the thought as he walked head bowed to his room. He took of his glasses and lay back in bed. He kept staring at the ceiling and slept off.

He woke up a little later and got up from his bed and walked to his bathroom mirror. He looked at his reflection on the mirror. Even without his glasses on, he could see that in spite of the dark rings around his eyes from early usage of glasses and a history of sleepless nights, he was a very good looking man. He was never the type to pay attention to his looks but he thought he was still entitled to that rare five minutes of vanity, wasn’t he?
He smiled back at himself as he decided to start preparing for the day. It was just after nine in the morning. He grabbed his toothbrush to brush his teeth as he made a mental note to get another toothpaste.

When he was done, he gargled, wiped his mouth with his towel and thought of how the day would run. He wasn’t sure Sam would return back after dropping his mum. He looked dressed so he expected him to go to his work from there. Damn the guy. If he had noticed what seemed to be going on between Senami and him, then chances are that he would want to use that info to get back into Andrea’s good graces. But then, he would vehemently deny and Sam of course wouldn’t be able to prove a thing. It was his words against his. It would even be downright stupid for Sam to pull off such a silly gamble so there was nothing to be worried about. He would just chalk it off to paranoia and clutching at straws by a man with a crab mentality.

He smiled at himself at that thought.

He enjoyed nothing more than to make Sam sound or look more stupid than he actually was.

Then there was Andrea. She most likely would spend all day upstairs or might want to go to wherever it is she had to go to keep away from Sam. He was supposed to be pleased with the gulf growing between her and Sam but he wasn’t so sure why he wasn’t.

While she had done all she could to avoid Sam, she had unknowingly avoided even him too. He had tried to talk it over with her a few times and she had simply told him that they still had to keep it that way till Sam’s mum left. He sincerely hoped that things would change now. He wondered if she would change her mind now about having kids now that Sam was being erased from the picture. But he knew that Sam would fight with every drop of his blood. How long will this madness go on? Just when it was looking like Nature was about to experience a balance and the earth was about to be sane again and he was going to have Andrea all to himself.

Would he ever be together with her without the shadow of Sam looming large at every turn? It wasn’t something he made so obvious but he loved kids and he really desired his and Andrea saying she wasn’t down wasn’t sitting pretty with him.
He rinsed his face and then looked at his reflection again. Yea, he had to do something about the stub on his face. Then he had to go check on Andrea. The pressure of the last few days had left him seriously desiring a woman’s hold. And no time did he feel it stronger than now. He wondered if Senami was awake. The mere image of her brought about this embarrassing stirring of his loins. He rinsed his face again, wiped it dry with a towel then without even thinking, he decided to go to Senami’s room. The silence of the house fed his courage as he marched downstairs to her room. He was totally oblivious to the fact that he wasn’t wearing his glasses. He didn’t hesitate in his steps until he was outside her door. He knocked softly on it and put his ear to the door hoping to hear some movement. He knocked again and waited but there was no answer. He turned away from the door.


She was all wrapped up in bed when she heard the sound. It couldn’t be.


Could that be him? She so wanted it to be.

She thought he wanted to keep away because Sam was watching.
She sat up in bed waiting to make sure she wasn’t imagining it.
The knock came again, this time a little louder and unmistakable.
She sprang out of bed, dashed to her bathroom to make sure she was still looking okay. If he had anything to tell her, she would still look good listening to it. Satisfied with what she saw, she hoped it would be Eddie as she went to open the door. When she did open, there was no one at the door. She looked out the door to see Eddie already ascending the staircase. She called his name and he turned back with a smile. Oh God he looked so handsome, she thought to herself as he walked right back. He stood before her at the door. If only…

“Good morning,” he started, “hope you slept well?”

“Good morning,” she replied, “my night was very short. I hope it hasn’t ended.”

Eddie smiled and she smiled back in return.

“So Sam’s mum is gone. Looks like our roles end effective today.” Eddie said

“Yeah I guess. I really enjoyed it.” Senami responded with a smile.

“Well I did too.” Eddie said still smiling. “I’m not sure I should be saying that.”

“Hmmm,” Senami muttered, “wanna come in or something?”

She stepped aside as Eddie, with just a sweeping glance up the staircase and the front door, slid past her into the room. As soon as the door was shut and secured, Senami turned around and before she knew it, she was off the floor in one swoop she never imagined Eddie was capable of as her legs involuntarily went round his waist and they were locked in a deep guttural kiss. She moaned as she felt Eddie grab her butt…


Andrea’s day just refused to kick off the way it should have. She got up to realize her day wasn’t going to go down the way she planned and for some reasons, she liked it that way. She was supposed to meet with a client at noon but the client had called her early that morning to take a rain check and she was happy about that. She felt like this was a day she’d like to have free so she could get spontaneous. Sam’s mother was gone so she enjoy a breather today in partial celebration. She proceeded to head to the kitchen to brew some hot coffee. There was no one downstairs so she just went to the sitting room to sit and enjoy her cup of coffee as she went through the magazine she had brought with her downstairs. She wondered where Senami was but couldn’t really be bothered right there and then as she enjoyed the solitude. She needed her mind clear and this afforded her the opportunity. Sam’s mother was finally gone and the whole house seemed to have relief hovering all around. She had gone to check on her but saw she had gone already without as much as a goodbye to her hosts. Bad manners if you ever saw one, she told herself. But Sam’s mother had always seemed to be the cantankerous sort so there were really no surprises there. The woman had already shown that she wasn’t fond of her so what was to be done?
She sipped her coffee as her thoughts turned to Sam.

“Sam… Sam… Sam…”

She muttered as she thought about the event of the other day. She saw the face of the lady she saw with him that day as though she was standing right in front of her then.
She asked herself if she really wanted to cut him loose. But she had to. She really loved him but she knew she couldn’t bear the thought of remembering how Sam held that woman. No! That was no woman. That was a tramp… a bitch! She sipped the coffee again and hoped it would calm her.

It was over between them.

He could go around screwing whoever he damn well pleased. She would have to make do with Eddie as she sipped her coffee some more. She couldn’t deny she loved Sam so much and she hated that fact. She could maybe give him a second chance but that was out of the question now.

Polyandry was the one biggest singular mistake she had made in her life; there was no doubt about it.

How do you balance your rift with one husband you’re not sure you can live without with planning to spend the rest of your life alone with an adoring man you’re sure you can live with?

How could she get herself out of this mess? Getting rid of Sam wouldn’t be easy. As it stood, he had the most to lose. She couldn’t just throw him out and asking for a divorce in court would be laughable. Their union in the past couple of years had been clandestine at best and it was never as obvious as now. She could imagine what it’ll look like in the court room when it was revealed that she lived with two husbands.
She could imagine being an overnight sensation.
That was the kind of news that would make the social media go totally gaga. With pictures of her and the two guys going viral; she wouldn’t be surprised if some of those witch-hunters who call themselves religious bodies tried making attempts on their life. She was sure she would never be able to live it down. She would be pointed at and mocked wherever she went.

There were times when she would wonder how long they could keep this cover. That was why they had kept their lives really private. They lived in a very private neighborhood and each had their cars so it was rarely you’d see the guys giving her a ride. She only employed what was necessary; the gateman (who doubled as security and who she was paying handsomely to keep his nose to himself) and of course Senami.

Visitors were rarely allowed in, which was easy to enforce as Eddie was never the type to keep friends and Sam had his office and joints.
But somehow in her mind, she had always feared something would tear this best laid plan all down.

Was this it? Was the moment finally here?

She finished up her coffee and decided she needed to get upstairs. She strode to the kitchen sink, absent-mindedly washed her coffee mug, placed it in the rack and left the kitchen to head to her room. She wondered if Eddie was still up and was about to knock on his door but decided against it as she headed to her room. It just occurred to her to take some time off and she decided that was what she had to do. She would get away for a week. All she needed to do was to decide where she wanted to go. It was already past 11 in the morning so she’d hurriedly go think it through and let Eddie and Senami know. Fuck Sam.


Sam left in a haze. What he had just witnessed was going to haunt him for the rest of his life. He just knew it. He had gone hoping for a mistake but there she was as dead as a post. He could barely recognize her. He was in tears as he slid behind the wheel of his car. Why did he have to tell her in the first place? What was he expecting? That she would hear something of that magnitude and act like it was alright? He should have insisted on her staying a few more days. He should have really tried to do more than he actually did. He had just lost his mother and he was about to lose Andrea too. He’d rather die. He grabbed the bottle of his Jack Daniels that he had taken along with him, took a swig straight from the bottle, started the car and headed for home. He was going to have showdown talks with her if it killed him.


Andrea stepped into Eddie’s room. She had slipped in hoping to catch him before he left the house. She tried calling but he wasn’t picking up. She went to sit on his bed to wait for him to step out of the bathroom or wherever he was. She knew he couldn’t have left the house without first checking up on her.
She spotted his glasses on the dressing table and picked it up to examine it. She got up to knock on his bathroom door but there was no response. She opened it and walked in but there was no one there. She wondered where he was as she walked into the room again and that was when she saw the phone.

Why wasn’t he with his phone? She picked it up and lay down to fiddle with it as she waited for him to get back. She needed to see his picture and video folders but first; she needed to do something she hadn’t done before in her life.

She sat down and waited. She was strategically placed so that she would be able to see when anyone came out of the room. She had called Senami’s number and it was switched off. It was very rare for Senami’s phone to be switched off. As realization began to dawn gradually on her, the hair at the back of her neck started to rise. No! She refused to believe all what she had just read. Was Eddie really capable of what she had just viewed? Had they taken their roles the past couple of weeks to a whole new level?
Her first thought was to barge into Senami’s room to surprise them if they were really at it but she knew she would look stupid if she turned out to be wrong. There had to be some logical explanation to this. It had to be that there was something going on that they didn’t want to let her in on. Where was Eddie? And why hadn’t Senami come out of her room? There had been no activity from her all day. This was so much unlike her. She had to wait. She had to dispel her suspicions as foolishness.

Sam walked into the house still holding to the bottle of Jack Daniels which was half empty. His steps were a little unsteady and his eyes bloodshot. He saw Andrea seated in the living room. She just glanced in this direction and then turned her face to look ahead. He regarded her like a lion would regard a herd of gazelles.
He straightened up and walked up to her and sat beside her.

“We need to talk, Andrea.” He was surprised at the coolness of his voice. He had imagined all the mean things he had planned to do to vent his anger but that was all what came out.

For now.

“We have nothing to talk about.” She replied with a cool voice of hers and got up to leave him there. The ass had to just come in to ruin the moment. She had been waiting for over three hours and Senami was yet to come out of that room. She had no choice but to go bang at the door. It was time to put an end to this particular madness. It was time to get to the bottom of this.

Sam was up faster than one would expect from a man in his inebriated state. He grabbed her by the arm and turned her to face him. There must have been something about his face because Andrea looked at him like she was looking at a ghost.

“I’ll need to thank you so much, bitch for all you’ve done.” He hissed at her. “Thanks for all these madness cos my mum was involved in a fatal accident all thanks to you.”

Andrea had her hands to her mouth; she looked like she was going to choke on her shock.

“I’ve just been to see her in the mortuary…or should I say I’ve been to see what’s left of her. You wanna go take a look at the results of your actions with your lover boy?” He was really looking murderous now as he gripped tightly to the bottle in his hand.

“Oh my God,” Andrea managed to choke out. “Oh my God!” She had no time to sort out the shock and confusion she was feeling about what he was saying because at that moment, there was a slight sound as a door opened and Eddie stepped out of Senami’s room. He stopped in dead in his tracks. Too late for a retreat, he had been seen and he had a look on his face that told everyone he was guilty as sin of whatever it was they were thinking.

“Well well well,” Sam said with a sardonic grin. “What do we have here? I’ll be damned. Aint I just a freaking prophet.”

Andrea seemed to go all white as she gaped at Eddie in disbelief. Eddie couldn’t bear to look at either of them; he had to hold on to the door frame for support as his knees threatened to give way beneath him. Andrea had no such qualms because her legs gave way. The shock of Sam’s mother’s death and Eddie monumental betrayal with Senami of all people and under her roof was too much as she collapsed hitting her head against the edge of a stool as she fell.


She opened her eyes as the sudden light threatened to blind her and she squeezed her eyes shut again. She seemed to hear some sounds around but she couldn’t make out what she was hearing. Her head was seriously aching. She opened her eyes ever so slightly this time as her got accustomed to the light. Even as her focus returned, a certain figure also became to come into focus right before her eyes.

It couldn’t be! It just wasn’t possible. This had to be a dream. She hoped it wasn’t but she couldn’t believe. She shut her eyes again and opened them even as she blinked a couple of times. Bent over her and looking at her with a smile was her father!

“Daddy? Is this a dream?” She asked.

“She’s awake! Get the doctor! She’s come back!” Mr Metzger screamed.

“What’s going on, dad?” She asked confused threatening to get up but the pain in her head and her dad restrained her.

“No, daughter, you can’t get up now.” Her dad said. “The doctor said you need to rest. I knew you would come back.” He had tears in his eyes.

“Is this really you, dad?” She asked as she managed to wrap her arms around him to hug him. “I thought you were dead.” Her tears seemed to increase the pain so she tried all she could to control herself.

“Dead? How can I be dead, dear daughter?” He said. “I’ve been here watching over you everyday for the past month?”

“Past month?” She asked as she lay back to relax. “Have I been here for a month? Where’s Eddie and Sam?”

At that moment, the door flung open and two people came in. The doctor was already ushering everyone out so he could attend to her.

“Hey sweetheart, how do you feel? I really missed you.”

She turned to look at the person speaking to her. She couldn’t believe it. It was Sam.

Sam and her dad in the same room? Something wasn’t adding up.

“I would insist you both step out for a while. You’ll be back to see her.” The doctor said firmly.

The two other men stepped out of the room as a nurse stepped in carrying a tray and shut the door behind her.


The three of them looked sombre as they all took different positions in the private ward Andrea was.

Andrea sat up on her bed. It was already three days after she came to and she could sit up even though her head still throbbed under the bandage she had wrapped around her head.
Her dad was seated beside her bed and Sam stood over on the other side.

“So I don’t understand,” she was saying, “So you’re telling me we were in an heated agreement and while trying to get away in a hurry,I tripped down the stairs and hit my head, right?”

“Yes, my daughter.” Her dad responded. “It was the scariest day of my life. It was really awkward and you banged the base of your head real bad.”

“Any ideas what we were arguing about?” She asked.

Her dad stole a quick glance at Sam and she caught the look and looked at him too. He seemed to be more interested in something on his shoes.

“Well, you both were in love and I tried to dissuade you from marrying him but you persisted.” He said “I was wrong. I’m really sorry. He has proved himself to be a fine man.”

“So you thought he wasn’t a good guy?”

“Not so. I just felt he wasn’t totally the image of what I wanted for you. I thought you could have gotten more if you were patient. I really don’t know what you see in him but he has never left your side and that for me is one hallmark of a fine lad.”

“I’m really confused right now.” She said while shutting her eyes as tight as she could. “What part of all these is real? What of mum?”

“Andrea, your mum died of cancer. That’s one part of your nightmare that’s real.” Her dad said.

She sighed audibly. That painful part checked out.

“What of your mum, Sam? Has she been buried?”

Sam recoiled in shock at this.

“What do you mean by that? My mum is very much alive. She was here for two weeks. We all kept vigil here together. She only left last week and should be here tomorrow. I told her you’ve woken up.”

It was Andrea’s turn to be really shocked. But her relief was great. She felt better about this part.

“Have you been cheating on me, Sam?” She asked with a pout.

Sam looked like he had swallowed a cockroach.

“Why would I ever want to cheat on you? You’re all I’ll ever want, dear. I love you with my life. Only you.”

She guessed that would have to do.

“And what about… What about Eddie?”

“Eddie?” Her dad asked while looking at Sam.

“Eddie is that character from her book she was working on that Andrea fell in love with.” Sam said.

“Oh yeah.” Her dad replied with a chuckle.

Andrea thought she would run mad with confusion. Sam saw the expression and decided to help out.

“I dunno what your creative mind came up with while you were unconscious, Andy, but Eddie is a character from your book “Chivalry” about Eddie and Senami. You always dreamed about what true love should be so you wrote a book on how a young promising man fell in love with a street girl and how their love flourished inspite of all the odds. It’s a book about what a true gentleman should be. You really immersed yourself in that book.”

He paused waiting to see a reaction and went on when he got none but an even more confused look.

“I got to admit, you were really in love with that Eddie character you created. I was actually jealous of him.” He smiled sheepishly.

“Really?” Andrea said with a smile. “I can’t remember. But I’m sure it will come to me.”

“Of course it all will.” Her dad said.

“I dreamt I was married to Eddie and Sam.” She announced.

“Married to two men?” Her dad asked in shock. “You know that will be over my dead body. I’m so scared of your mind and what it can conceive.”

“There’s no way I’m sharing you with any man, Andy. Be it a real man or a book character. Thank God you’re back to reality and sanity.” Sam said with a smile.

Andrea knew this was all too much to process. She lay back with a sigh. She had to admit, she preferred this present reality than the one she had escaped from. So Senami and Eddie were not real. How could a dream feel so real? It was scary.

“How did it do, Sam?”

“What?” He replied.

“The book. How did it do?”

“Still at the publishers. You were scheduled to do book talks, press releases and all that but this accident changed your schedule. Soon as you’re okay, we can get back to it. Your publisher loved it.”

She smiled. She was going to enjoy picking up from where she stopped in this reality.

The doctor came in again and declared it was time for Andrea to rest.
Sam kissed her on the lips and stepped back so her dad could kiss her forehead. As they stepped towards the door, Mr Metzger turned back to address Andrea.

“You’ve had enough shocks for one day. But I must state here that the doctor informed us that we’ll be having an addition to the family in some months” He gave Andrea a knowing wink.

She looked like her eyes would pop out. Sam, with a wide grin, made a sign of a big tummy as he stepped out with the older man.


As they stepped out of the hospital, Mr Metzger and Sam smiled as they looked ahead. He patted Sam on the back.

“You know what to do, son.” He said as he walked away to his car.

Sam nodded and watched him go and then walked to his car and got in. He sat staring straight ahead with an enigmatic smile on his face. He was relieved everything had worked out just fine. He reached down to the bottom of his seat and fished out the half bottle of Jack Daniels’ Tennessee. It was almost finished. He took a swig of it and put it back. He started the car, backed out and drove away.



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  1. Happy Birthday Ace. Wish you long life and prosperity. More blessings and goodness in your life. Enjoy your day.
    Thanks for finishing Andre I thought you’d forgotten us, can’t believe we’ve been reading a story within a story. The end is confusing though. Remain Blessed


  2. Errrmmm…. You really got me there. For one moment, I was as confused as Andrea herself. But thank God this whole thing was a story in Andrea’s book.

    Welldone! Looking forward to other series.
    Happy birthday dear. You’re one of d finest writers I’ve met. God bless your new age. *xoxo*


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