Now I must start by saying that I’m not writing this to idolize a fiend or to try scoring a few cheap points because this for me is a way to make the pain lighter and to pay my last respects to a truly wonderful lady. I’m not good with tributes but I really do feel compelled to write this.

The first time I set eyes on Yemisi, I was curious. Yes, curious. She was this short unassuming person that just went about her things quietly. Except for her large, lovely eyes, you may not even notice her in the room.
Don’t get me wrong, attraction was never it for me because I was never attracted to her. I just didn’t see it. Back then, she just wasn’t ‘my type.’

On and on I’d see her around and I’ll just spare some moments to look at her without knowing why. Now that I think of it, maybe she would have noticed there was this guy that would always stare longer than most with laughter in his eyes. I’m sure she’d probably see me as a creepy stalker or something.

Too bad I’ll never know for sure.

Then she became a member of Christ Love Fellowship (CLF) and I got to see more of her. I didn’t know her name or anything else about her… not like I really cared to. They were so many hot babes then that had my attention.
I only just found her interesting in a curious way.

At a point in my life in Ife, I started having some major lows and I knew that I needed to pray more so I joined one of the least desirable departments in church for those who usually swung both ways spiritually with the regularity of a pendulum clock.

I decided to join ‘Watchtower,’ the prayer arm of CLF.

I remember walking a little bit late into my first prayer meeting then with Yemisi as the steward in charge of Watchtower. When she opened her mouth to welcome us, the deep voice that came out nearly made me gasp. For her small and slim stature, it was the least I expected. It was the first of many surprises.

To be honest, there was no time I was good enough to be nominated for Member of the Month because I was either late or absent. But there was one thing I will never forget and I’m sure I speak for every member of the department… Not a mean word or expression of malice came from Yemisi. She was the kinda person you had to be a monster to even hurt. Her words were always cool and good. I really wonder if she learnt any mean word while growing up.

As a matter of rule, I try not to be friendly with my leaders so I don’t disrespect them and that was why I never tried to get close enough to be her friend. In retrospect, I believe I should have made her an exception.

Last time I saw her was three or four years ago at a Mr Biggs outlet in Ikeja. She was in her NYSC uniform. We said our hellos, exchanged some small talk and we both went back to our businesses.

How sad.

Yemisi was sweet. I can’t say she was perfect but I’ll say she was a very wonderful person.
I never saw her get angry or she probably had learnt to master it and take life in her stride.

Yemisi would have been a great babe to one lucky guy out there; a very wonderful wife and a super mum. But death has conspired to stretch it’s cold, long and wicked claws to snatch her away from us.

My condolence to her family. The pain, I’m certain, is immeasurable. I can’t even begin to imagine what they’re going through. May God grant them the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.

My condolence to her friends. You have met and been with a true angel. You’re blessed to have known her.
Cherish the memories of the moments. She’s in a much, much better place.

And to us who she has touched with her life… We wish we could have seen more and been more to her but let it be a lesson to us all.

Learn to touch the lives of people wherever you find yourself. Keyword: Always.

And to Yemisi, I pray I get to see you once again on that street paved with gold. This time though, I won’t be giving you a curious look anymore. I’ll actually come over to say ‘Hi.’

Who knows, I might actually ask to take a walk with you.

May your soul find eternal rest.



7 thoughts on “OLUYEMISI KOMOLAFE… A Tribute

  1. Sorry for your loss Ace,the tribute says a lot about her person. It actually touched a part of me,we need to always think of what will be said about us when we are gone and to aim for the eternity with Christ. May her soul rest in perfect peace.


  2. Her transition was sudden and shocking.she was my class mate in college,a close female friend.th
    Being a pastor she used to ask me most of the time what’s God saying,telling me about how they have praying for one country or the other.It is well.


  3. We stayed on the same block in part 1,all I can say is she was one of the few I admire,always full of smiles reaching her eye balls,her usual route was class to fellowship and her room.still can’t believe this small but mighty babe is gone..RIP


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