ANDREA: Episode 34

Previously on Andrea

He gave her a very stern look as she did all she could to calm her mind.
She had a feeling that what she was about to hear was going to have a negative impact on her and it scared her so but she needed to hear it all. She knew a lot would have happened for Sam to be in this condition and for him to seem this contrite. Whatever it was, this was the cross she had come to this world to bear and she planned to bear it all. He was her only son and her light. She wouldn’t open her eyes to let this light go out.


She snapped out of her reverie.

“I’ve heard you, my dear.” She said in a voice barely above a whisper. “I promise not to panic. So what do you have to tell me about what is going on?”

“Mum.” Sam said while looking at a spot straight ahead with a distant look on his face.

“Yes my son.” His mother replied and braced herself for what was going to come next. Her hands were firmly clasped between her thighs as a certain cold seemed to envelope her there and then.

Sam opened his mouth to speak…


He opened the door for her to step out and she did just in time to see Eddie tiptoeing out of Andrea’s room with his back to her. She froze in shock as she watched as she watched him glance at his phone with a smile then looked up just to catch her gaze. Sam stepped out too just in time to take in the scene. Eddie looked like he was going to explode in shock. He had not even noticed that his phone had dropped on the floor and the battery, the phone and the covering had gone in different directions.


ANDREA: Episode 34

Co-written by: RebelKween

Senami sat up in bed. She only planned to shut her eyes and wait for that knock on the door in case Eddie eventually showed up. The beep on her phone was a pleasant shock to her as she felt a slight warmth in her tummy. It was a text message and she was certain it would be Eddie.
She was right. It was Eddie alright and the message filled her with warmth all over.

“I’m sorry something urgent came up that kept me. I’m on my way now”

She smiled and hurriedly typed a response and sent it. She knew he was going to come. She felt this excitement and stirring in her loins. She pondered a while on the events that this might most likely set into motion but she was even the more excited about it.
She had never really had any adventure in her life so this was so welcome for her. Besides, way she saw it, Andrea didn’t deserve to have Eddie because he was such a special person. Having to share him with anyone was just so damn… crazy. How could anyone share someone as sweet and considerate as Eddie with anyone? She wondered how much time they had before dawn so she checked her watch. It was six minutes to five, she realized with alarm! Had she shut eyes for that long? Almost like a reflex action, she sat up in bed. She cupped her hands around her mouth and blew into it. She wasn’t so sure she was impressed with the feedback so she switched on her bedside lamp and used the illumination to dash into her bathroom. She didn’t want the room light on so the brightness wouldn’t kill the moment. Besides, she needed to get a couple of coloured bulbs to help set the tone for what promises to be some exciting albeit clandestine evenings.

When she got into the bathroom, she switched on the light and quickly reached for her toothbrush and accidentally knocked over some toiletries. She swore as she picked them all up and put them back. She wasn’t sure she wanted Eddie to come in and find her in the bathroom with her toothbrush in her mouth and a froth of white foam around her mouth. With a satisfactory amount of toothpaste on her toothbrush, she washed her mouth as fast as she could with special emphasis on her tongue that she brushed with so much speed and ferocity that it felt sore. She rinsed her mouth, gargled, spat out the water and wiped her face dry with a towel. She checked in the mirror to be sure there was no foam anywhere on her face and satisfied, she switched off the light and ran back to bed. She honestly couldn’t be bothered about her hair right then because if even if she decided to smoothen it out, it was sure to get unraveled all over again. She was satisfied with the length of her gown as it exposed every secret of her legs and accentuated her generous breasts.
She switched off the bedside lamp and covered herself up in bed with her duvet to wait. She wondered how much longer it would take Eddie to sneak into her room and her heart beat in anticipation. By some inspiration, she decided covering herself was like undoing all the good work she had done that night and with a shrug uncovered herself as she curled herself up in a fetal position to wait.

The room was cold.


Sam glared at him.

So did Sam’s mum. Were those tears in her eyes? He had never been in this kind of position before so he was ill-equipped to handle it. Nothing in life had prepared him for this. Here he was –stepping out of where he should never have been in the first place- with two pairs of eyes glaring at him.
The moment he saw Sam’s mum, his first impulse was to dash back into Andrea’s room but how stupid that would have been. He might not have been able to live that down. What was Sam’s mother doing in Sam’s room at that time of the morning to start with? He had scoped out Sam’s mother’s door but had paid no attention to Sam’s and he was now paying for that error. He quickly thought of something to say to them but nothing came.

Absolutely nothing.

He couldn’t bear to look at Sam or his mother and so he looked at the floor. He wanted to take off his glasses and make a show of cleaning them but he decided against it. He half-expected Sam to attack him by asking what he was doing there but the stupid Orc just stood there without saying anything and making him look like a child caught with his hand in the soup pot. There was something about the way they both stood there glaring at him that made him feel so uncomfortable.
Somehow, this wasn’t playing normally. Without warning, the hair at the back of his neck began to rise and a sudden dread started to envelop him. The game was well and truly up.

All of sudden, Sam’s mother burst into tears as she charged past Eddie and into her room shutting the door behind her. Eddie gave Sam a questioning look but he got a look of pure hatred in return.

“What the hell were you doing in her room?” Sam hissed at him. He had a malicious look in his eyes but Eddie had seen it all before. With Sam’s mum gone, he found some of his composure and straightened up.

“She asked to see me and I went to see her. You got a problem with that?”
Eddie said as quietly as he could. No need waking the house up.
Sam glared at Andrea’s door then fixed the look back on Eddie.

“And you carelessly made my mum see you. How proud do you feel now?” Sam taunted.

“I checked her door out. How was I supposed to know she was with you at that time?”

“Because she’s my mum is how!” Sam spat out. “She could be with me anytime. That’s why you should have kept to your end of the bargain and stayed away. You just couldn’t wait a couple of hours more, right?”

“Hey don’t blame me, mister. Afterall, if you’d been more discreet with your philandering, we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place. I’m here to clean up your mess and you stand there blaming me for everything.”

Sam let out a mocking laughter then stopped abruptly as his eyes sparked fire.

“Cleaning up my mess indeed.” He said coldly. “You’re a good one to talk, right. Pointing to my indiscretions. Does that make you better than me? So because she hasn’t caught on to you, you now strut around like a saintly cock, right?
“Well let me tell you something you probably don’t know; you’re not better than me. Oh no, you’re not. Not even by a long shot. Because the fact is that from the outset, I got the short end of the stick so you have no fucking right to blame me for any fucking thing. I and Andrea have been trying to cover this plot up from the very beginning and it’s put a strain on us and all this while, we left you and Senami to start fooling around together…”

Eddie cut in then.

“And you think it has been easy for me? You think I wanted a part of all this?”

“Well you seem to be playing the part of victim rather badly, dude.” Sam responded with a sneer. “I’d go as far as saying you seem to be enjoying it a great deal. You think I’ve not been seeing the looks you both exchange when you think no one is watching? You think I don’t see the way you ogle at her every movement? I know the look very well, man. It’s the look of lust. L-U-S-T, Lust. And I know you can’t wait to jump into bed with her, that is if you haven’t taken the plunge already.

It took Eddie all his willpower not to hit Sam across the jaw. He wasn’t ready to create a situation that would embarrass everyone so he remained calm. So Sam had caught on inspite of his discretion. For how long exactly had the bastard known? He was not comfortable and he was even certain he could feel a bead of perspiration forming on his forehead.

“So you see, you’re not better than me.” Sam continued. “You actually thought I wouldn’t see it all or know? The difference between you and I is that Andrea hasn’t walked in on you yet while you’re at it.”

He started to head for his mum’s room but as he passed Eddie, he stopped briefly enough to whisper in his ears.

“One more thing, lover boy, you and Andrea are not getting rid of me no matter what you guys told each other while making love and smooching all through the night. Kindly pass that on to her.”

And with that, he walked towards his mother’s room, opened the door, stepped in and shut the door after him.

Eddie could suddenly breathe easy once again. He couldn’t remember the last time or if ever he was on the receiving end of Sam’s scathing attacks without having a rejoinder for him but this time around, he had been kicked in the balls with his pants well and truly down. He wiped his moist brow with his right forearm as he contemplated what to do next. Should he get back inside to warn Andrea of the development? That would not be a smart move, he told himself. He couldn’t risk them seeing him enter Andrea’s room anymore or exit it. He would have to call her in the safety of his room. That was when he noticed he was no longer holding his phone and that it was scattered on the floor. He bent down to pick the parts as he replaced the battery and covered the phone again. He prayed the phone would come on and it did. He waited for the phone to power up as he thought about how the rest of the morning was going to pan out. Way he saw it, it was all between Sam, Andrea and Sam’s mum. It wasn’t really his business. It was left for Sam to sort out the mess with his mum afterall he was the one careless enough to let her come to Lagos in the first place. As long as she returned back to the village and never come back, he was totally good.
Then there is the issue of Senami. Going to see her now no longer looked appealing. It really hit him in the gut to admit that himself. They had barely started anything and Sam was already on to them. Damn, he thought to himself with regret. He would have to send a message to her that he wouldn’t be able to make it anymore. He sensed she would be disappointed but what could he do?

He headed for his room.


She sat in bed shedding tears and lost in thought when Sam came into the room. She didn’t even look up at the door as he entered.

“You shouldn’t cry, mum.” Sam said.
“This is why I don’t like to tell you stuffs. You’ll just give yourself a high blood pressure and I don’t want that.”

His mother didn’t utter a word but merely wiped her face. She regarded him for a few moments then looked away. An awkward silence followed.

“But what got into you?” She finally said. “What got into you that you got yourself into this kind of demonic alliance?”

“Now come, mum, we’ve already been through this and I said…” Sam started to protest.

“I know what you said.” His mother cut him off with a raised hand. “But I insist that you should never have gotten yourself into this kind of-of madness. It is totally demonic and-and…”


“You know what, Sam, please excuse me, I need to get ready to leave. I’ll be praying for you. That’s all I can do for you now. I’ll pray that God delivers you from this pit that they have thrown you in. I just need you to come back by five-thirty to go drop me at the park.”

“Don’t you think that’s a little too early, mum?

“Let me know if it won’t be convenient for you so I can find my way. All I know is that with or without you, I’m leaving this-this house by five-thirty.”

Sam wasn’t comfortable with the way she pronounced ‘house’ but he let it slide.

“It’s almost five-thirty already. So I’ll soon be back.”

There was no response from his mum so he just stepped out in time to see Eddie enter his room and he walked to his. He felt lighter that he had bared his soul but he just couldn’t place a finger on why he had this burden on his mind. Quite an irony, isn’t it? He asked himself. He wondered at it all. Maybe his mum was right; maybe he was possessed by a demon. What demon could he blame for this? Demon of lust? Demon of greed? Demon of love?
It was all pretty messed up. As he entered his room, he went to his drawer to retrieve some cash from it. He also picked up two envelopes he had beside his bedside lamp. He wrote his sister’s name on one and ‘Mum’ on the other one. He put some money into each envelope and set it aside. He then lay on his bed to wait.
Why did he feel so burdened?


The moment her phone beeped, her heart sank. She knew that Eddie wasn’t going to be showing up anymore. It would seem when it came to Eddie, everything that could go wrong always does. Had he developed cold feet? Or had that bitch held on to him against his wishes. She couldn’t believe how much she suddenly hated Andrea. She picked up her phone and without even bothering to read the message, she had covered herself with her duvet. A night that held so much promise had suddenly gone up in smoke. She looked at the phone and finally brought herself to read the message. Her heart which had sunk began to raise fast as she read the words that Eddie sent;

“I’m sorry I won’t be coming anymore as it’s no longer safe. Sam already suspects us and he just accused me with that fact. We’ll talk later.”

She was confused by what she just read. What did Sam know? Nothing had even gone on and Sam already knew? But how?

She sat up in bed.


Five-thirty am and she was set. Sam hadn’t yet come in so she picked up her bags, stepped out of the room and was just about to descend the stairs when Sam dashed out of his room. He helped her with her heaviest bag as they stepped soundlessly out of the still sleeping house. He woke Dogo up to open the gate as he drove out of the compound and into the still dark morning. He wondered if anyone had noticed their departure. Apparently, his mother had decided to leave the house without saying goodbye which was fine by him. There were only a few vehicles on the road so he expected to get to the bus-park before six am.

They made it there ten minutes to six.
Before they stepped out, Sam handed the envelopes to his mother and she thanked him. He half-expected a lecture from her but none came. He got out, helped her locate the bus going to Osogbo. She was the first in so she sat in front. He paid for her fare and hung around a while till six-thirty am when seven more passengers had gotten in. He then told his mum he had to leave and he wished her a safe trip promising to call her. She thanked him and he left. She sat back for a while to shut out all thoughts from her mind.
She didn’t know when she slept off until she felt a bump and when she opened her eyes, she realized they had left Lagos and were actually on the expressway. She hadn’t even known when they had taken off. She fished for her phone from inside her purse and checked the time.
It was already seventeen minutes past seven. She must have slept for over thirty minutes but it didn’t matter now. She hoped to get to Osogbo in good time. She watched the trees drift pass fast as her mind drifted to the events of the previous night.

She thought to herself how all these could have happened to her. She wondered at who she might have offended so badly that the person couldn’t forgive her but decided to hurt her this way. Why should the attack have come to her through not only her first child, but her first and only son? What did she ever do to deserve this? How Sam could have gotten involved in this unforgivable sin was totally beyond her. She thought children of these days were out of control but this was totally beyond what she would ever expect. She never expected it to happen in this part of the world much less happening to someone she knew. As if that wasn’t bad enough, her own son! She shuddered as Sam’s words of a few hours ago came back to her in bits and pieces.

“…It all started when Andrea’s dad wouldn’t let her get married to me even though we both loved each other so much…”

“…Andrea’s dad wanted her to get married to Eddie because his dad was rich and he and Andrea’s dad had some business together. I wasn’t… we were not ready to accept that…”

“…I am the one she truly loves not Eddie. If not for her meddling father, she wouldn’t have looked at Eddie twice…”

“…Andrea insisted that she was going to marry me not Eddie but her dad threatened to cut her off from his will and have nothing to do with her if she went against his wish and not marry Eddie…”

“…she could not afford to be cut off and she couldn’t afford to lose me. We had to do something. Compromises had to be made no matter how crazy. It was all just to buy us time…”

“…Andrea told Eddie that she loved me and that if he wanted to be with her then she had a way…”

“…Eddie practically worships the ground Andrea walks on so when she asked him to marry her even though she had already married me in a quiet ceremony in Nigeria, he agreed without a second thought…”

“…the key word is ‘Secrecy.’ It was to remain among just the three of us…”

At this point, Sam’s mother began to choke with tears even as her breaths started to come in gasps and more words from Sam hit her.

“…Andrea got married to Eddie in Germany. It worked because no one had known about our own union here except you and a few members of the family…”

“…Her father had died shortly after but he had willed his estate to her but he had put in a clause that she and Eddie had to be married for a minimum of ten years before she can take it over. Less than that, and everything was to be willed to Eddie…”

“…Senami is not Eddie’s fiancée but we all cooked it up to take you off the scent when you came. You understand that we didn’t want you to know…”

“…I’m sorry, mum, but there really is no easy way to say this but your dream was right. Eddie and I are both married to Andrea…”

Eddie and I are both married to Andrea… Eddie and I are both married to Andrea…

It came repeatedly to her like she was in a haze and before she knew it and could stop herself, she screamed so loud that the driver panicked and steered the bus into the path of an oncoming truck…


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  1. finally! i’ve been dying to know how they all got into the bind! Cant wait for the concluding part. but why was the woman screaming beside the driver nah? she for scream before she commot for son’s house


    1. Don’t mind the woman jor. For some of us, it takes a while for the true import of situations to dawn on us. And for some of us, when we get into one of our reveries, it takes a sudden silly, almost involuntary action to snap us out of it. But I’m just conjecturing. 😀


  2. Omg!!! i dnt knw wat to say……. Ure really good @ dis, i swear down. Keep it up. i’ll keep checking for d concluding part, evryday of the week *winks*


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